Dare Dreamers is a story of hope, inspiration and team spirit. Many times when things do not work according to our plan, we lose hope. We feel like this is the end of the world. But, life always gives a second chance to every person.

Rasiq’s story begins with getting a highly paid job in an Investment Banking Company. But all his happiness fades away by the end of the very first day in his office. He was pushed to work for countless hours without break. Every senior colleague behaved like his boss there. Eventually, he started hating his job. But he had to repay his educational loan. The only reason that stopped him from quitting his job.

Finally, when he was relieved of his debt, he quits his job. After so many hopeless nights, one final day, Rasiq and his super talented team lay the foundation of their first start-up company. They name it ‘Dare Dreamers’.

Dare Dreamers- A Start-up of Superheroes

My Review

The idea behind the story is very impressive. It takes great effort to build up a business from scratch. The central theme of the book is if you have talent and you are confident about your capabilities, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

The initial chapters went smoothly with Rasiq’s dissatisfaction with his job, his love life etc. When the plot took a turn, new characters came in gradually. Altogether a new story began after the entry of new characters.

Even though Rasiq was introduced as the lead character, he was not a strong protagonist throughout. Other characters took charge eventually and their role was much better than Rasiq’s. The most inspiring part of the plot was the team spirit Dare Dreamers had. It was a nice feeling to see a bunch of people working with same level of enthusiasm and optimism.

Some of the instances mentioned in the story seemed unrealistic to me whereas some others were narrated brilliantly. The climax turned out to be really good. I appreciate the authors being able to catch up with the pace at the end. To keep it simple, I liked the climax. Overall, it is a simple one time read.

My Ratings


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