Fed up of reading normal cliche stories? Here I come up with a fresh recommendation for you. ‘Lotus in his eyes‘ by Renuja Haque will give you a different reading experience with a thoughtful story.


We may like many people but we love only one. For Diya, love meant Vikram but he left her. Now, she is trying to piece her heart back together. Diya is a simple girl with secrets, living a lonely life in Delhi. One day a hot officer shows up on her doorstep claiming to know parts of her life she hasn’t told anyone. As she tries to fend off her attraction to this sexy man while helping him with a case, a new angle arises. Her past has come back to haunt her.

The innocent boy she had once fallen in love with is not so innocent anymore. He makes her feel things she had buried deep inside her. Ride along with her journey as she chooses between the long lost love and the new man in her life.

Book review of Lotus in his eyes by renuja haque

My Review

An intriguing read until the very last page. Renuja is a young author with excellent storytelling skills. Just like any other reader, I too have a habit of guessing the story while going through every single page of a book. Most of the times, things do happen as assumed. And when it doesn’t, reading gets even more interesting. That’s what happened with me while reading ‘Lotus in his eyes’.

Each chapter in the book is beautifully penned with suspense factors. The moment you start building your own interpretation of the story/characters, the author proves you wrong in the next chapter with unexpected twists.

This book also talks about the life of prostitutes and the respect they deserve in society. Why they do what they do and the impact it leaves on the lives of their children very well reflects in this novel.

It also highlights the dread of child abuse by a most trusted individual or rather a family member. The protagonist Diya, being a victim of child abuse has so many confusions with her love life. The reader in me sometimes hated her, sometimes felt pity for her and some other times appreciated her decisions.

Planning to buy something for a book worm? Here are a few ideas for you

Why should you pick this book?

  • It’s entertaining as well as thought-provoking.
  • It twists and turns your imaginary buds till the last page.
  • Simple and beautiful writing style.
  • Well built characters.
  • Reflects some social issues that are least taken care of.

My Rating


I recommend this book to every fiction lover. You won’t be disappointed, promise.

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Renuja Haque

Renuja Haque

Renuja Haque is a biochemistry Graduate who lives with her parents in Kolkata. She is an avid reader of fantasy and YA fiction. She loves writing as much as she loves reading. From a very young age, she had an imaginative mind which later turned into the passion for writing.

For fun, she has written Adult and Fantasy Romance Fiction on social media platforms like Wattpad. Her first officially published book is ‘Lotus in His eyes’. She has also published poems on an anthology ‘named Mirage of hearts’.

She loves science, especially theoretical physics. She loves to write fantasy fiction although her first published book is Contemporary romance. You can Checkout her wattpad account where she has written stories ranging from werewolves to vampires to aliens.


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