Finding good books for children is always a tricky job. Books read during the tender age plays a big role in forming their personality. It is something like “We become what we read”. If you are looking for a good children’s book recommendation, here you are in the right place. ‘Don’t let the kitten drive the car’ by Akanksha Sharma will be a great choice for kids’ read.

Story Outline

Simba was a street cat (kitten to be precise). He lost his mamma and sister at a very young age. He was left all alone in the streets to struggle for survival. Simba’s life changed for good when Dhruv picked him from under the stairs of his apartment on a horrid afternoon. Simba’s happy days started thereafter.

Akriti was a 10 years old sweet little girl unfortunately blind by birth. She was trying hard to cope up with her new school where she was supposed to study with the ‘Normal Kids’, unlike her old school where all children were just like her who cannot see the world around them.

The story begins when Dhruv leaves Simba in the Gupta house. Simba gets really upset with this unexpected change in his life whereas Akriti dances with joy to have a sweet little kitten in the house.

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Don't let the kitten drive the car

My Review

Simba and Akriti are two equally important protagonists in this story. Both their lives look somewhat similar at the moment. Simba was trying to adjust in the Gupta family whereas Akriti was trying to get along with ‘Normal Kids’ in her new school. Simba lived on his own rules while Akriti was an intelligent and emotionally independent girl.

This story educates the reader in various aspects. It tells us about how time and technology has improved to an extent that makes life much more easier for visually impaired people. It also deals with the issue of street cats increasing in number and how that problem can be solved to a great extent. The author also draws some pictures of cat psychology and makes the reader fall in love with cats.

Akriti in spite of being blind is a strong character. This character reminds us that differently abled people stay happy when they are treated like one among us and not when sympathized for their misfortune.

I feel the title and the cover of the book could have been little better. Other than that this book makes me happy. I am pretty sure kids will enjoy this feel-good story. They will get to learn a lot about cats in general. Also, they will understand that people with any kind of disability should be treated as normal as any others.

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I recommend this book for kids around the age of 8-12. Even adults can give this a try, no harm in that ?.

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Akanksha Sharma

Akanksha Sharma is a cat parent who finds herself being perpetually entertained by her cat Toffee (the one you see on the book cover). She’s the Founder of an online magazine called Indspire Me.

When not working, Akanksha likes to daydream about changing the world and what she will have next for dessert.

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