Incidentals is a collection of 17 short stories that take place in a town called Koodala. Life in a small town or a village in India has its own pros and cons. But life in rural areas is always interesting because it carries many beautiful stories within itself. Here in this book, Author Vinayak Pattar has tried to bring in regional vibes of a small town in Karnataka through his short stories.

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Traditional Story Telling

If you remember hearing stories from your grandparents of ’70s or ’80s, you are going to relive those moments once again in this book. Stories are straight forward and fast paced. You don’t even realize when it started and where it ended.


Just like unison of a male and female giving rise to a new generation, two rivers meet at a fictitious village called Koodala. Set in this Koodala, Incidentals is a collection of 17 short stories that touch your chords of nostalgia, love, relationship, humor, childhood, adventure, culture, and superstitions. Overall, each story reminds us of incidents that most of us experienced, in one or the other form, during the course of our lives.

Incidentals by Vinayak Pattar

My Review

The beginning was really beautiful where the Author introduces the Koodala town with a back story. Though the time period of the stories is not mentioned, we can assume it to be in the ’70s and ’80s. The narration is very realistic that it literally gives you the small town vibes of Karnataka. But, I think half of the stories had much more scope for improvement.

What did I like about Incidentals?

  • Written in a very relatable manner. You feel like they are happening in your own town.
  • A very realistic presentation of the characters. Every character will remind you of one or the other person in your town.
  • Some orthodox beliefs and practices of the rural population are portrayed very cleverly through the stories.

What I did not like about Incidentals?

  • Some stories had abrupt endings which left me clueless as in what the story is actually trying to convey.
  • I feel the book is too traditional for modern readers. But yes, this is my point of view, who knows, Old may turn to Gold.
  • It was more like a record of happenings in a town rather than proper stories.

I have mixed feelings about this book. Some stories give that nostalgic feeling of small-town life. But some other stories are bit confusing and I didn’t get what just happened at the end of the story. But I really appreciate the Author who took a chance of publishing a traditional storybook in this modern age.

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My Rating


Do I recommend Incidentals?

You can surely give it a try. Narrate these stories to your children. I am pretty sure today’s kids will ask a thousand questions over every single story.

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Vinayak Pattar

Vinayak Pattar is an avid positive thinker, writer, microbiologist, content writer, Blogger, trained Carnatic singer, and an orator. He is a bundle of positivity who criticizes the evils practices of the society. He is more interested in spreading the science and knowledge of life science to the world.

A post graduate in Microbiology from Gulburga university main campus, he has worked as a microbiologist for 5 years at various organizations. He has his personal blog where he writes about social issues, festivals, Indian culture, short stories, personality development, and his personal experiences.

In his other blog Bioperception, he writes about the common question about biology. This blog mainly focuses on giving awareness about health, disease, and therapies.

Vinayak has penned down two books, Drowsy dreams a novel which went unpublished and his second book Incidentals.


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