Fear of death (Short story)

Finally he decided to end his life. He felt no reason to live in this world where nobody understood his feelings. His body was shivering as he walked up the last stairs of that building. He was totally lost in his emotions that he even forgot about the lift and climbed each stairs from the […]

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Everyone has a story (Book Review)

What interested me to put this Book in my TBR was its ‘Best seller’ tag. It also had around 2500 reviews in amazon and yes of course that’s why it is in the best seller list. Also the cover looked very attractive. Meera, a HR manager by profession dreams of becoming an Author. At weekends […]

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Two Angels (Book Review)

When the Author Nivedita Verdula asked me whether I like to read love stories, I got very excited and picked this book as soon as I finished Twice Blessed . Earlier this book was not in my TBR. Two Angels is an eternal love story of Arun and Esha. Arun’s father used to get transfers from […]

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Twice Blessed (Book Review)

  Since I am a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, I always go for books that are free on Kindle Unlimited. I wanted to read a crime thriller this month. So I randomly picked ‘Twice Blessed’ by Rani Ramakrishnan and added it to my My December TBR. Besides being a crime thriller, this book will take you back […]

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Behind the coconut tree 🌴 (Short story)

Every evening she used to take her little one to that park. “Rithu, mamma knows where you are.” As usual she pretended to search him here and there and then moved towards that coconut tree. That was his regular hiding place. He never got bored of hiding behind that particular tree and enjoyed when his […]

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Announcements for 2018

Before making the announcements I would love to say a few words about my 2017. I had an awesome 2017 which gifted me a wide ray of hope to look forward in 2018. And all the credit goes to ‘Snapshot’. When I started writing, I understood the importance of reading more and more. Hence I […]

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Happy Diwali (Short story)

” Yes amma, interview went good. Train is at 10 pm. Just vacated the room. See you tomorrow, take care.” It was only 7 pm. Train station was at 15 minutes walkable distance. I could have spent two more hours in the hotel room but as per their norms, check out time was before 7 […]

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Half Girlfriend – Book Vs Movie Review

  As we know, almost all Chetan Bhagat books are now movies. So I decided to do a book vs movie review for the first time. Alert : This post may have some spoilers. Story outline Madhav Jha is a Bihari boy who has problem in speaking English. He gets admission in St.Stephen’s college at […]

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