The midnight beep (Short Story)

It was already 2 am. Manushi was more than exhausted meeting her monthly deadline. Sameer and Supriya were in their deepest sleep. Manushi was trying hard to fill in her career gap of four years. Getting comfortable with the latest tax rates and rules demanded much of her time. Sameer supported her whole heartedly and […]

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A surprise visit to home 🤠 (short story)

He felt very refreshed as he saw his village from the back seat of the moving jeep. Nothing has changed. Same streets, same shops, same temple, same masjid and the same orthodox people. But those were the reasons for him to fall in love with his village again and again. Though he enjoyed city life, […]

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Life is What You Make it (Book Review)

Author : Preethi Shenoy Genre : Fiction This is the second book of Preethi Shenoy which I happened to read a few days ago. The author describes this story as a story of love, hope and how determination can overcome even destiny. Basically, the book brings awareness among the readers about a mental condition called Bipolar disorder […]

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They faded away from her memory…..😔 (Short story)

She relaxed on an easy chair in the sit out and looked towards the greyish clouds on the sky. Her mind was blank. Suddenly it thundered. Something flashed through her blank mind when thunder striked her ears. Before she could figure it out, she felt a tender touch on her shoulders. “Come inside child, it […]

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He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him (Book Review)

Title – He Fixed The Match She Fixed Him  Author- Shikha Kumar Publisher – Vitasta Publishing (2016) Genre – Fiction, Hate, Romance thriller   Pages – 292 Amazon Price Paper back – Rs.140 Kindle – Rs 239.54 (🤔Strange to find kindle price much higher compared to paper back) Read the book for free if you […]

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Pin drop silence in the hearts (Short story)

It was a Sunday and pin drop silence at the breakfast table. Looked like there was nothing more in this world to talk about. Priya serving dosa and chutney to shravan looked like a programmed function. The expression on Shravan’s mother Padma’s face made the situation even worse. Finally the silence was broken when the […]

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The Secret Wish List (Book Review)

The Secret Wish List was first published in India by Westland Ltd in December 2012. Author : Preethi Shenoy Genre : Romance, Fiction No. of Pages : 255 Amazon Price  Kindle edition : Rs. 49 Paper back : Rs. 125 The Story Line Diksha a 35 year old lady lives with Sandeep and Abhay. Sandeep […]

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My first crush (Shory story)

8th September 1990 We were returning from school. Sangeetha and Divya were very happy today as they got good marks in History paper. I was not that happy with my marks. Though it doesn’t matter to me, I was sure my mother would create a scene when I show her my red inked answer sheet. […]

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Come, let me kill you (Capsule story)

“Minimum one death a day is happening due to blue whale challenge. It is horrible. I hope this stop soon.” Sighed Fahad. Rahmath agreed to him. “Parents are very careless now a days. They should spend time with their children. But whom to blame, everyone are busy now-a days. Afterall gadgets cannot take over the […]

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An unread Autobiography

I still remember, it was a day before the new year eve. I was sitting in Mr. Roy’s shop in a holiday mood. Mr.Roy was setting things to close the shop and go home to have the new year celebration. I knew Mr.Roy since one year.Earlier he used to close his shop at sharp 5 […]

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