Snapshot Thoughts Quoted – January 2018

This is a new section being added to Snapshot. I will be sharing some of the thoughts that went through my mind at different circumstances throughout the month. Usually I post them on my face book page and twitter. Then I thought, why not gather them and post here at the end of every month. […]

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Pinto has an Idea (Book Review)

Rajeev Saxena’s debut novel ‘Pinto has an Idea’ was an entirely different read for me. I am happy that the first read of this year was really inspiring. ‘Pinto Has An Idea’ is the story of Pinto a.k.a Rajat Srivastava, a Researcher who comes up with new ideas every now and then. Pinto’s ideas are […]

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Blogger Appreciation Award

It was in the very beginning of this year, I shifted to a self hosted blog. Though I had happily done 2-3 nomination posts in my blog, I was not sure whether to include such posts in my self hosted site. But I could not resist when Enni nominated me for the Blogger Appreciation […]


Freedom @ 60 (Short story)

Avantika was back from her evening walk and found the house locked. She never took her phone when she went out for the evening walk. Param had left a note for her which said “I will be back in half an hour. Please collect the key from Mrs. Prabhu.” Mr and Mrs Prabhu were new […]

Long Read (5 min) Short stories

How to start reading Books?

Do you go blank when some one talks to you about books or book related topics? At that moment, do you feel like ‘I should also start reading from now on wards’ and then totally forget about it? Happens most of the time, right? Then why not start it today?  Want someone to push you? […]

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Rice cake in Pressure cooker (Guest post by Hashira Hakeem)

Rice cake!! sounds different right?  Here comes the recipe of Rice Cake by Hashira . Ingredients White rice- 1 cup Cooked boiled rice- 1/2 cup Water- 1 cup + 1/2 cup Salt- to taste Jaggery- 250g Oil- 3 TBS Coconut flakes- 3 TBS Cardamom- 4 Raisins -10 Baking soda- 2 pinch Small jeera- 1 tsp METHOD Soak […]

Guest Posts

The Wedding Tamasha (Book Review)

Happy to be back with my first Book Review of this year. I picked this book seeing its interesting title and it did not deceive. It was really an entertaining wedding tamasha. I won’t hesitate to admit that I loved this book. Shweta Menon, a malayali girl escapes from her abusive husband, Raj. Julie, the […]

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The Jasmine Bloom (Book Review)

What is mid-life? It is that period of a person’s life spanning from approximately 40 to 65 years of age. This period is believed to be stressful since people become more conscious about their age, mortality, purpose of life etc. Now that was simply a general info from Google before I write about this book. […]

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The foul smell (Short story)

“Amma, don’t you think something is smelling in the whole house?” I asked my mother-in-law. Since I am very sensitive to smells, I doubted if it is any silly thing I am making an issue of. So I wanted to confirm. And she was like, “I think it is smelling from last night.” (Seriously!!!!!) After […]

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Beyond Secrets (Book Review)

Have you ever imagined the life of orphans? Have you ever been to an orphanage? or Do you know how it feels to be abandoned by your own parents and left at the mercy of some unknown people? Even Noel and Nidhi were not aware of the orphans’ world until they stepped into Ashiyana. Ashiyana […]

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