About me

Hai ?

I am Maya Bhat. I am from South India (Kerala), currently based in Brighton, UK.

It makes me quite happy when someone lands on this page. There must be something that stricked the chord with you on my blog, right?

Well, I started this blog in 2018. I write short stories and books related articles on this platform. Presently I am more into reading so you will see me talking about books a lot here.

Maya Bhat

That’s me

I have a youtube channel dedicated to books. Starting my own channel was one of my biggest dream since 2018 and finally it happened in 2020.

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And now, a little more about me. I love to cook and travel. But, somehow I do not find it easy to document those experiences on my blog. Hats off to food and travel bloggers, I admire them for the work they do.

Still, if you are interested to see my cooking and travel adventures along with bookish fun, head on to my Instagram account. I post a lot of titbits there to keep the adventurous keeda alive inside me. But mainly that’s a bookstagram account.

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Maya Bhat on Instagram

Books are life to me. The more I read, the more I want to read. Reading and writing has changed my world.

If this space makes any little difference in anyone’s life, that is something I live for.

Tell me something about you. I would love to know ?. Do you read books?