Today we have Aanchal Arora as our guest on Bookshot.

Aanchal Arora is the author of ‘The Efflorescence’ – A collection of poetry which was published on 3rd january 2020

Have a look at the poem she has written for us:

Letter to the Humans

Today I took a deep breath
After wandering through the globe again
I see
Azure sky clear as crystal again,
Air is free from poisonous gases
Rivers are no longer filthy,
Roads free from polythene bags
Tourist places are beautiful and worth visiting again.
No more vehicles and their screeching horns
And animals roaming freely and fearlessly
As if Mother Earth belongs to them rightfully,
They are out of cage!
Mountains covered with snow and not trash,
Deforestation is no longer a fear for my dear trees
Ozone too trying to patch its hole.
Just a strand of RNA encased in fat
Has put humans insides their homes
Even when
Strict laws
Punishment could not do so.
A tiny virus has done.
Hey!! Greedy Humans,
It’s time for you to learn to live with laws of nature,
Else God will protect other living beings of mine by destroying you.
As karma spares no ONE
Mother Nature.

I hope you enjoyed this poem. You can find more write ups by Aanchal on Instagram @aanchalarora96

If you like reading poetry, you can purchase Aanchal’s poetry collection from the link given below:

Thank you so much Aanchal for this beautiful poem.

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