A few weeks back when things were good, I was aimlessly searching for some random books in the library. That’s when I found this book ‘Girls with Courage’ by Adele Geras in the kid’s section.

I was planning to create a kids’ book recommendations video on my channel ‘Bookshot‘. I spent a lot of time in the kid’s section of the library for that matter. You can expect a video soon on my channel.

Girls with Courage
Because I had some time to spare ?

This book is meant for little grown-up kids, say high school people. It is not too kiddish nor the plot is much complicated. The story is set in the year 1857 just after the Crimean War.

Story outline

Lizzie lives with her mother Cecily and her stepfather Mr.Bright (whom she hates to the core) in a countryside. She loves plants and wishes to become a Gardener when she grows up. Since her mother is pregnant, Lizzie is sent to London to live with her paternal (her real father’s) family for a while.

The little girl finds it difficult to stay away from her mother. Even though the family in London turns out to be caring, Lizzie is not comfortable with the new lifestyle she is expected to adapt.

She writes to her mother every single day and so does her mother. One day, suddenly Lizzie stops receiving letters from her mother. She is now much worried for Cecily.

Girls with courage

My Review
This story gives us a flash of Victorian London. The reader gets an idea about the 19th-century lifestyle in England.

In the story, Lizzie travels to London in ‘train’, which made me quite curious about the transportation history of England. There are many instances that will make you look back into the history of early England.

Regarding the story, it is a simple family story with little turns here and there. Relationships are much valued in this family. It gives you a whole joint family vibe. It is a soothing read, you will feel good when you read the last page and close the book.

The only negative character in the book is Mr.Bright, Lizzie’s step father. But, his role is quite limited in the story. Overall the story gives out positive vibes.

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Extra information

This book is one among the Historical House series written by the author. Stories are not interlinked, but some characters, the house etc remain the same in other books as well. If I find them in the library, I will definitely pick them up.

You can purchase the book right here:

I am trying to find some light books to read during this lock down. If you have any recommendations, drop them in the comments section.

Meanwhile, if you (or your kids) read this book, let me know how you felt.

See you in my next post, take care.

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