Booktube is a beautiful place where people talk about books. In this post, I am featuring my favourite booktubers. They might inspire you to pick more books and feel enthusiastic about reading.

I myself run a booktube channel called ‘Bookshot‘ (which I started recently) where I post my views about books.

Here are my favourite people on booktube. Their Booktube channels are worth subscribing. I insist, you give them a follow and stay updated in the bookish world.


YouTube channel: Indian Booktuber

Instagram: @indianbooktuber

Manpreet mostly talks about Indian Books. That’s why the name Indian Booktuber, of course. Her recommendations include fiction, non-fiction as well as series. Nowadays she is also making daily reading videos on Instagram to keep your reading spirits high during the quarantine.


Youtube: Libro Review


If you are into non-fiction books, this is your space. Anchal’s non-fiction recommendations are just awesome. She recommends fiction as well, but she is more into non-fiction. Do not forget to check her daily stories on Instagram.

Daily reading tips for beginners


Youtube: BookGeeks India

Instagram: @bookgeeksindia

Sankalpita has a unique taste in reading. This is the place for historical fiction, non-fiction, thrillers and sometimes chick lits.

Featuring my favourite Indian Booktubers


Youtube: The Melodramatic Bookworm

Instagram: @melodramaticbookworm

Sonali gives amazing fantasy recommendations along with other books. Her reading vlogs are hilarious. She is very good at showing her exact emotions while reading a book and hence the name melodramatic book worm suits her the best.


Youtube: Helly

Instagram: @thehellyblog

Apart from book recommendations, Helly creates motivational videos based on lessons from books. She also gives English language improvement tips on her channel.

Books you might like to read


Youtube: Saumay’s Bookstation


Saumya’s bookstation has a lot of interesting books. She is very clear with her opinions and gives you some of the best book recommendations.


Youtube: Meera Nair

Instagram: @meeranair05

Meera is all into fantasy fiction. Along with books, she also talks about TV shows and dramas on her channel. Her bookstagram pictures are so beautifully edited and worth giving a look.


Youtube: The Book Junction

Instagram: @book_junction

Books and art go well with each other. Sneha is very fond of blending her book love with art. Her book choices are unique and so is her artistic ideas. This channel gives you immense pleasure and motivation.

Rules to follow while reviewing a book

There are many more growing booktubers on Youtube. You will find them on the way. See whose reading taste resonates with you and subscribe to their channel.

Now tell me, do you follow bookstagrammers? Who is your favourite?

Keep reading and see you in my next post

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