I got serious about reading books from the year 2018. Before that, I was a careless reader. I didn’t care about the names of the book I read, I never remembered authors.

But when I decided to take writing seriously and started my own blog, I realised the importance of thorough reading. Then slowly with practice, reading became a regular ritual.

Finding your genre

When you start with something new, you do not know what works for you and what doesn’t. You need to experiment with different things.

Experts say that, if you like certain kind of movies, you might possibly find interest in similar genres of books. Suppose you like thriller movies, then books under the thriller genre could be your cup of tea.

Somehow, this logic does not work for me. After some trial and error method, I simply realised that for certain genres I prefer watching movies than reading books. And I am perfectly fine with my preferences.

I love watching fantasy movies, but I don’t pick fantasy novels to read. Can you believe I haven’t read Harry Potter yet?.

Daily reading tips for you

I would suggest you read every book that catches your fancy. Just keep reading. Experiment with all genres and eventually, you will get to know your choices. Give yourself enough time to explore. Just because the world is going crazy about something, you need not.

How to find good books?

There are a huge number of books in this small world and the count is growing every single day. Finding something interesting to read from this never-ending treasure is a big deal.

Experiment with different genres of books

Here are a few places where you will find some great book recommendations

  • Goodreads: In the Goodreads menu, you will find ‘Best Books of the previous year’ and an ‘Explore’ section. These are the best places to see what the world is reading. You might find some interesting titles there.
  • Book Blogs: Book Bloggers are born to help readers with some great book recommendations. You will find tons of book blogs on google. I will write a separate post on some good book blog recommendations.
  • Bookstagram: This place is heaven for book lovers. Bookstagram is basically the bookish profiles on Instagram. Bookstagrammers have taken the activity of reading to another level. You will find loads of motivation to read and get to know about a bunch of books.
  • Booktube: You got it! They are bookish channels on youtube. Do your research and find people who talk about books on youtube.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is loaded with information. Search for books related content and you will get hundreds of recommendations. Just in case if you would like to check my Pinterest account click here.

Some creative ideas to boost your interest in reading

Do not try to be someone else

Your reading taste and preferences are unique to you. You might enjoy books written by a particular author but the world around you may hate that author. That does not make you a bad reader.

When I explore bookstagram, I see different types of readers. My choice of books does not resonate with most of the bookstagrammers I follow.

I look at bookstagram in a different way. I am not looking for a like-minded reader, instead, I love the fact that I am getting to know about different types of books on the platform. Being a book blogger, apart from reading books, it is also important for me to know about the existence of different types of books in the market. Bookstagram serves the purpose.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest achievement
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

My favourite Genres

Frankly speaking, I haven’t yet figured out my favourite genre. I am still experimenting with different types of books.

But here are a few things I have successfully figured out about the reader inside me :

  • I am not into fantasy fiction
  • I love books based on Indian Mythology
  • I love stand-alone books
  • I cannot handle books with more than 350 pages
  • I like non-fiction books, especially those with facts and information

Reading is not a competition

Remember, reading is not a competition. You are not in a rat race with anyone. It is not the number of books you read that matters, it’s about the quality of your reading and how much you grow as a human being.

So read everything that comes across your way and see what works for you.

I hope you liked this post. Keep reading and inspire others to read. Follow me on my Instagram for more bookish updates and reading motivation.

See you in my next post. Take care ?

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