The very important aspect that goes into reading is ‘Interest’. Developing that interest is the very first step in developing a reading habit. So here I am sharing some creative ideas to boost your interest in reading.

Reading is not embraced by everyone passionately, sad but true. While a small population adores reading, the rest of the world takes it as a chore. Some doesn’t even care to read.

Implementing few of these ideas might help you to develop an interest in reading. Motivate yourself to read more books. Once you enter the world of reading, you are in for a big treat. Try to grow was a knowledgable person

Use a reading journal

We are not talking about anything fancy here. Just use a simple notebook or a diary as your reading journal. Write down the name of your current read. Note down whatever catches your fancy when you read that book.

Do it every single day. Writing even one single sentence will do, but do it every day. This is how you begin with your reading journal. Once it becomes a habit, you can add your creativity to it.

You have no idea how much this simple habit contributes to your growth. Posting my recent Instagram story below, in case it can motivate you a little bit.

Creative ideas to boost your interest in reading

Make best use of Goodreads

Goodreads is a perfect platform for anyone who is into reading books or even writing books for that matter. It is a reader as well as writer-friendly platform.

Set your reading goal for the year, add books to it as and when you finish reading them. Setting a goal looks something like this.

Creative ideas to boost your interest in reading

Well, if you are just beginning, do not set high goals. I simply got way too ambitious while setting it 100 ?. Begin with a small number.

Make use of Goodreads shelves to organize your books. You can create different shelves according to your convenience. Mine looks like this ;

Creative ideas to boost your interest in reading

This way I get to know which books I read during previous years, what is my current read and what books I want to read in future. It keeps me organized.

You can see what your friends are reading and get some good recommendations as well. You can also track your reading progress and compare it with your friends’.

Your friend might have a different opinion about a mutual book you read. You can get to see it on this platform. It’s interesting as well as thought worthy.

Daily reading tips for beginners

Share your thoughts on social media

Learn to take best advantage of social media. Publicising your personal life is fine to a certain extent. Beyond that, believe me, nobody cares about your personal life updates unless you are a celebrity.

Instead, use social media for your personal growth. Create useful content on social media.

Since we are talking about ‘reading’, use social media to share your thoughts on whatever you read. Do it creatively. Do it your way.

I find Instagram most suited to share my thoughts about books. You can choose your platform accordingly.

Creative ideas to boost your interest in reading
That’s my Instagram grid

Some people like twitter more than Instagram and some others are comfortable with Facebook. LinkedIn also helps, but I am not much into it as of now. Use hashtags to see similar accounts and get an idea of how to start with.

Talk to like-minded people

If you are lucky enough to find a like-minded human being who is equally interested in reading as you do, it’s s a win-win. But hold on, it is not as easy as said. People barely read.

On the other hand, sometimes people do read but do not share their reading adventures anywhere. When you start doing so, they might strike a chord with you and you get a reader friend for life.

So find that like-minded human being and discuss bookish things with them. The reading taste might differ from person to person, but then you get to learn a different perspective, again a win-win.

You can even start your own youtube channel to talk about books. I recently started one named Bookshot to share my bookish ideas with people.

Creative ideas to boost your interest in reading

It’s been a while I didn’t post a new video. But I will be back in May with new ideas on my channel. If you would like to stay connected, do subscribe to my channel (I can’t help with this promotion guys ?, hope you won’t mind)

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Join a Book Club

Book clubs are literally a reading group that meets once in a while at a specific place. Most libraries organize book club activities for their readers. Take membership in your nearest library and be a part of these book clubs. It helps in developing your communication skills as well as adds to your personality development.

People also organize book clubs independently. Check for any private book clubs in your city and try to join them if possible.

Then comes virtual book clubs. Most convenient of all. Search for book clubs on the internet. To make it even simpler, search for book club groups on Facebook. You will find many.

I have created a book club on Facebook which right now is kept hidden. Once I familiarize myself with the group settings, I will invite you guys to join my book club. I hope you will join. I am planning to make it much more than just book recommendations. Fingers crossed ?

Here are some interesting books you might add to your reading list

Watch movie adaptations of books

Visuals generally catch the attention more than written words, understandable. So mix it up. Check for a book that is filmed in a movie and read it first. Pick a stand-alone book, to begin with. It will keep you hooked.

Let me suggest two simple books to read and follow up with the movie :

Wonder by RJ Palacio

Wonder by RJ Palacio

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Matilda by roald dahl

Collect extra information about the book

Some books have interesting backstories. There might be an intriguing reason that pushed the author to write such a book. The author might have an interesting background. The stories/facts mentioned in the book might have possibilities for further information.

Do your research. Read reviews. You might get much more unique reasons to read a particular book. This one works, I promise.

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So these were a few creative ideas to boost your interest in reading books. Hope it helps.

See you in my next blog post. ?

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