With the uncertain lockdown and quarantine situation all over the world, people privileged to stay at home are left with few extra hours in hand. If you wish to invest these extra hours in reading, this post is for you my friend ?.

With lockdown, we have libraries and book stores closed, even online deliveries are limited to only essential items. So, what remains an option is e-books and online reading.

The happy news is that some reading apps are providing free books for readers during this quarantine period. You should definitely make use of these options and read some good tales while you relax at home.


You might be well aware of juggernaut publication and their amazing books. In case if you didn’t’ know, they are providing almost all the popular books for free on their app as of now. I insist you on making the best use of this deal and download all your favourite books on the app. Once you download them, you can read as per your convenience.

What are you waiting for? Install the juggernaut app right away and enjoy your favourite books for free.

Note: Juggernaut is purely for Indian books

Apps for quarantine reading


Scribd is giving you access to all their collections of e-books, audiobooks and much more stuff on their platform without asking any payment details. This offer may last for a month or even longer. Use it when it is there, that’s all I have to say. They have a wide range of books for you. Use the special link given in their Instagram bio to avail this short term offer.

Any books

Any books app is a saviour to any reader onboard. It is a free app where you will find tons of books at your service all the time. You will find this platform quite useful for your year-long reading. Give it a try and thank me later.

All these apps are available on the play store as well as the Apple store.

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Right now, I am making the best use of these free platforms. In addition to this here in the UK, my library card gives me access to a bunch of e-books and audiobooks online. Check if your library card has any such tie-up with online platforms.

I recently posted a picture of my quarterly reading wrap-up on my Insta stories. Here’s how it looks like:

Maya Bhat on Instagram

I am so happy that I am keeping up with my reading goals to date. These are in total of 25 books. But wait, do not mistake them for big fat novels. Most of them are very short reads. Everything you read does matter when it comes to reading. Will talk about some of them in my upcoming posts.

Book Recommendations from my Quarterly Wrap-up List

Reading is a beautiful journey anyone can afford to plan. I am already on the go. Join me on this beautiful journey. Take good advantage of this quarantine period.

In case if you want to build a solid reading habit (or any other habit for that matter) within a month, I recommend you this book named ‘The 21 Day Miracle’ by Ed Rush. I have curated the key takeaways from this book in one of my blog posts.

Click here to read the key ideas from ‘The 21 Day Miracle’ by Ed Rush.

Now tell me, what is your current read?

See you in my next post with more interesting bookish ideas

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