Since the Country is locked down for 21 days, I thought it would be the best time to introduce you to this book ‘The 21 Day Miracle’ by Ed Rush.

Now, I don’t want you to take another 30 days to finish reading it. Hence I have curated the key take aways from the book for the ease of your understanding. Hope you will make best use of it.

So let’s begin ;

How to get anything you want?

Let’s take the example of ‘the tortoise and the hare’. This story is used to explain the saying, ‘slow and steady wins the race’. It also tells you that persistence and consistency create champions. But, is that really true?

In a real race, it is always the rabbit who wins, no matter what. Turtle may be consistent and persistent, but we have to accept the fact that it is very very slow. You are actually a rabbit surrounded by turtles. For years, you have been slowed down by this ridiculous story. You were meant for more.

Part 1- The 21-Day Miracle Manifesto

According to the author, Scientists are people who watch things and attempt to predict the future, whereas he wants to be a person who make things happen and change the future.

Ed Rush has divided this book into three parts:

Part 1 : How to launch your own 21-day miracle and see magnificent results

Part 2 : 10 most common 21-day miracles and how to implement them

Part 3 : Plans to implement the 10 most common 21- day miracles

Note: You can implement everything in part 1 without part 2 and 3 but, cannot implement part 2 or 3 without part 1.

Defying gravity – The secret to not being normal

Ed Rush says ‘consistency is for losers’. You take a gym membership and plan to hit the treadmill every day for the rest of your life but fail to maintain consistency after some days. Why? Because, you were not made for a lifetime gym membership.

This chapter focuses on the principle that ‘Most successful people design their lives around Strategic sprints’. According to him, successful people compress time and do things faster.
The author does not believe in setting realistic goals. He says, he succeeded in life because he set completely unrealistic goals, convinced himself that he could achieve them and he did.

“That’s right, Iceman, I am dangerous”

In this chapter, the author narrates his effort to take mastery over his appetite. He spent 21 days consuming nothing but water. For the first three days he felt really hungry. From the fourth day, his physical hunger started coming under his control. Finally in 21 days, he had all his control back. He says it was hard, but achievable. He discovered the Holy Grail: 21 days of focussing on one thing can completely transform everything.

When you gain mastery over one thing, it is easier to gain mastery over other aspects of life too. When the author gained mastery over his appetite, his thoughts began to submit and obey.

After that he set off to conquer all his fears of the unknown. He went into the mountains leaving his computer at home and phone to his assistant. If someone wanted to contact him, they got a response from his assistant. It was really hard for him to let go of everything, he had a family, a couple of businesses, a bunch of training products and about 40 clients. But when 21 days were completed; he could scarcely remember what he was really afraid of and why those things ever bothered him.

When it comes to business, a business has to have a real ‘system’ in place to survive without an owner. Most businesses don’t have that. They only have their owners in right place. If owners are gone, business shatters. Since the author created a system for his business before he left into the mountains, things worked out well.

Now comes the mastery over media. The author believes, when you purposefully disconnect yourself from your phone for a long period, you gain a right relationship with your phone. Phone is there to work for you and not vice versa.

The Ancient Secret to Change Everything

If you want to accomplish your dreams, you don’t have to do it all at once. You have to take today as today and do today what you can do today. What you think hard eventually becomes easier on implementation. When you decide to stick to something, results automatically show up. 21 days are good enough to replace old habits and replace it with new ones. It is also short enough to see light at the end of the tunnel.

The 21 Day Miracle

State your desired result: Be clear what you want to accomplish. Be motivated by love, not fear. Write down your goals in present tense (For example; I have total mastery over my money). Say it loud and paste it somewhere you can see every day. And announce to the world that these are your plans for the next 21 days.

Associate a small emotion to your desired result: There are 3 ways of processing an emotion; Visual, auditory and kinesthetic. In the first case, you picturize the desired outcome in your mind. In the second case, you link your outcome with hearing, i.e. what you want to hear after achieving your goal. Thirdly, if you are a kinaesthetic processor, you associate your achievement with how you would feel after you win. Combining all three processors would give great results.

Create a plan and take action: First make you plan realistic. Most people fail in fitness because they start it too fast. They go to gym every day for a week and never go again. Don’t be that person. Keep your life and schedule in mind. Remember, life does not stop, you just insert a new pattern into life you already have.

Insider secrets for the 21 Day adventure

All pilots successfully complete their three weeks of flight school because their seniors share the best strategies with them. Likewise, here the author also does the same for you.

Day 1-3 Challenge: The initial 3 days are really hardest. You just need to focus on ‘today’ during this initial 3 days.

Day 4-7 The Urge: They are not hardest, but feels so. During this period, you have to face both your inner and outer critic with a temptation to give up.

Day 8-14 The Pendulum swings: You feel a lot better now. Things start working. Eventually you assume to have achieved your goal when you actually haven’t. You are still at the beginner level.

Day 14-21 The Momentum: Your old habits are gone now.

Day 22 Celebration: You did it and you deserve some celebrations.

Now wait, give yourself some time before you plan your next 21 day miracle. Don’t get overwhelmed by your success.

Public Enemy #1- The Inner Critic

It’s a voice coming from inside which keeps telling you that things are not going to work as you plan. Inner critic is purely psychological, it tells you ‘you have tried this before but it didn’t work’. Inner critic strongly disturbs you until the 10th day of 21 day miracle. And in the end, even after achieving your goal, it forces you to think that results are not going to last forever. Don’t listen to your inner critic. When it start to raise voice, just ignore and move on. Eventually you will win.

Public Enemy #2- The Outer Critic

The author says, the majority is almost always wrong. According to him most people are broke, lazy and stupid. They call them ‘Hive minded lemmings’. They don’t think on their own. They just follow the crowd. You may also have done the same at some point of time, but now on wards start thinking yourself. You may face strong criticism; still stick to your own thoughts. Do not ever take advice from ’hive minded lemmings’.

Create rules for yourself; for example;

  • I don’t take fitness advice from out of shaped people.
  • I don’t take life advice from unhappy people.
  • I don’t take _______ advice from _____ people.

Part II- Tools of the trade

The 21 Day Mind Mastery Miracle
An average mind is a complete mess with uncontrolled thoughts. The good news is you are not that average person. The 21 day mind mastery can be achieved as quickly as possible or as slowly as you wish by following the following steps.

Awareness and observation: This usually takes 7 days, but that is not a magical number. It can take longer or shorter. You need to sit in a quiet place and observe your thoughts. Breathe in breathe out. Once you have a solid picture of how your mind works, move on to step 2.

Elimination and replacement: It’s time to reject the negative thoughts and replace it with positive thoughts. Say it loud.

The 21 Day Money Mastery Miracle

Set a desired result and associate it with strong emotions. For example;

  • I see myself with total financial freedom (Visual)
  • I hear people asking each other how I was able to do it so quickly (Auditory)
  • I take a big breath and relax because now I have the resources to help many people (Kinesthetic)

Ed Rush divides people into 4 categories on monetary basis:

1. Evil rich people
2. Evil poor people
3. Good rich people
4. Good poor people

Money is neither good nor bad. The author chooses to be a rich person who uses money to do good things. He simply rejects the lie that money is the root of all evils.

The very first thing he checks when he sits down in his office every day is his bank balance. He believes that the fastest way to make money is to do something that brings most value into the market space.

The 21 Day Inner Warrior Miracle

Again, set your desired result and attach emotions to it. Build a plan and work on it. Be yourself, you need not change your actions to satisfy the world. The author’s rule is to allow everything into his brain on purpose. When you own your thoughts, it spreads into all areas of your life. Let’s explain this with a few examples:

Movies: Whenever you watch a movie, you start thinking like the movie. You watch heroes doing heroism and feel like everything is possible in this world. Ed rush suggests to watch some motivational movies during your 21 days sprint.

Books: Same as in books. It’s been said that poor people have big TVs and rich people have big libraries. So read inspirational books for your self-improvement.

Some books suggested by the author are; King Solomon’s mines by H Rider Haggard, All the king’s men by Robert Penn Warren etc.

Music and podcasts: Here comes the listening part. Choose music related to what you want to accomplish. Podcasts are best options for lifelong learning.

The 21 day Time Freedom Miracle

Speed matters; the faster you fly, you enemy fails to find you. Similarly, time is money. You can have everything back in life but not your lost time. Take charge of your time and schedule and as mentioned earlier, attach emotions to it. Now create you plan.

Tools for time management: The truth is there is no such thing as time management. Time moves at exact speed it always has and doesn’t care about your plan. What successful people manage is people, technology, and themselves.

Managing people: Build a team that can take decisions by themselves without necessarily depending on you. If your team is completely dependent on you, then it is not a team at all. Hire good people and teach them to take good decisions.

Managing technology: Have allotted time slots for checking emails, social media etc. Focus more on your purpose.

Managing yourself: You are the owner of your time. Always schedule time for self-development where you can learn, grow and think.

A simple calculation to figure out the worth of your time and how to utilize it:

• Assume an average work week of 40 hours and multiply it with number of weeks in a year. Divide 2000 into your income goal and find each hour’s worth.
• Make a list of things you want to achieve.
• Prioritize your goals.
• Assign time to each goal.
• Go ahead with your first task.
• Take breaks after each task and move to net one.

The 21 Day Life Balance Miracle

There is nothing like perfect life balance. So, just relax and give yourself the freedom to give up this idea.

The 21 Day Happiness Miracle

Happiness comes from within. Do not link it with what’s happening outside. To have mastery over happiness, repeat the same 21 day sprint by setting a desired result, associating emotions to it, creating plan and taking action. To be happy, first you should know what is going on inside your brain.

Take notes of your emotions. Replace negative emotions with positive ones. Do this simple exercise. Stand, hold your fists in the air, smile wide and scream ‘I feel Amazing’. Repeating this exercise will make you start feeling good from inside.

The 21 Day Body Miracle

Let’s break the 21 day goal into two categories, food and movement.

Food: Don’t depend wholly on water. Instead, eat organic food that are gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. It may sound hard, but it is doable. On the 22nd day, eat whatever you want and enjoy your victory. You will see significant changes in your food choices.

Movement: If you plan to exercise, plan it realistic and stress free. Don’t be ridiculous, be yourself. Some ideas shared by the author to stay in shape are biking, basketball, baseball, softball, boxing, wrestling, running, walking, hiking, yard work, weight lifting, yoga etc. In these 21 days, remember one thing; do not weigh yourself.

The 21 Day Relationship Miracle

First step always being setting goals, creating plan and implementing it. After that, evaluate your relationships. Open the contacts in your phone and categorize your contacts into three categories. Person who makes your life harder, person who neither adds value nor takes away from you and the person who gives you more life and happiness.

Now either eliminate or redefine your relationship with the first category people. Redefining the relationship becomes important when you have no option to eliminate that person from your life. Do nothing about the people in second category because they are harmless. Finally start giving time to the third category because they are the ones who make your life better.

The 21 Day Business Miracle

According to Ed Rush, it’s not the government, media, church or charity that is going to change the world. It’s business. A good business makes money on one side and provides value to human beings on the other side. The author explains how he worked on this book systematically keeping deadlines for him. He says, without deadlines nothing is ever going to work systematically.

Every business need positioning or authority. Ed Rush gives you some idea how to create your own positioning /authority in the market. He suggests writing a book about your business, launch an interview or podcast and speak about your business.In addition to that you can have blogs, Facebook posts, and articles in trade journals etc.

Business men need to focus on activities that drive revenue and give value to customers. Dedicate time to drive sales. Build your team and infrastructure. No profit means no people. Have some basic systems set right for your business, say;

• A sales system
• A lead generation system
• A marketing system
• A customer support system

The 21 Day Addiction Miracle

People have different varieties of addictions. Let’s take an example of addiction to people’s opinions. It is a serious issue which can turn you into a fake personality to please others. Just follow Ed Rush’s 21 day sprint to get over any kind of addictions. First set a goal, make a plan and work on it. Just remember, you don’t have to do it for three weeks, you have to do it for today. Don’t think about tomorrow, do right things today and repeat.


Take time from your busy life and read this book. You have a lot to take from it. Also try to implement the ideas mentioned inside and believe me, your life will change for the best.

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