So, here I am finally back on Snapshot after six months. Huh! And if you ask me why I wasn’t blogging, I have no words (sigh). I am just naming it a ‘Writer’s Block’ (if that makes any sense to you πŸ˜ƒ).

Also, this is my first post of the decade. I have been seriously blogging from past 2 years and when I look back, I can see how my life has changed for good. Believe it or not, writing has great powers. It has the power to unlock innermost potentials of a human being. The more you write down your thoughts, the more you think with clarity.

I do not claim myself as a good writer at this point in time but I am very sure I will be one some day πŸ€—. In the past two years, I have clearly figured out the secret behind becoming a good writer. And this realization was the best thing that happened to me in the last decade.

Revealing the Secret

Well, it is not really a secret, everyone knows it but only a few put that effort to implement this secret in life. If you are wondering what, it is nothing but ‘Reading‘, avid reading. I was able to develop a solid reading habit in the last decade. I did read earlier but I fell in love with reading just two years back. I realised, writing can make wonders only if my reading base is set right. Else I would end up in trouble.

It was the decade I fell into the trap of books, a trap that I never want to come out of. At that time I was living in Austria, a German speaking country. English books were less in sight even in a library. I invested in a Kindle. I bow before the masterminds behind E-readers. It opened a large world for me at my fingertips.

I not only read books, but also discovered the idea of reviewing them on every possible platform so that others too can discover them. Eventually I ended up becoming a Book Reviewer. My sheer love for books increased day by day and in the beginning of 2020, I started my own Youtube Channel to spread all the bookish vibes in this small world.

My love for Physical Book Vs E-Books

I started off as an E-Reader, hence Kindle stays my eternal love. I carry it with me everywhere. When we live in a foreign country where we cannot afford to purchase physical copies, kindle is a boon. Also while shifting houses, books always become the last priority and that may hurt a book lover like me. So, I just adore my Kindle.

In November 2019, we moved to Brighton, United Kingdom. Like we say, ‘Man proposes, God disposes’, here I found a huge library at just five minutes walkable distance from our house. A two storey building filled with books where I have no language barriers to read them! For the moment, my reading life is all sorted, I feel ‘hurray’!! So now a days I get to read a lot of physical copies as well.

I have a detailed post on how I developed a regular reading habit. In case you are interested, you can go ahead and read that post πŸ€—.

So tell me, when did you start reading? How has reading changed your life?Do you have reading goals?

For 2020, I have set a reading goal of 100 books on my Goodreads account. I would love to be friends with you on Goodreads.

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