The Best Thing That Happened To Me In The Last Decade

So, here I am finally back on Snapshot after six months. Huh! And if you ask me why I wasn’t blogging, I have no words (sigh). I am just naming it a ‘Writer’s Block’ (if that makes any sense to you πŸ˜ƒ).

Also, this is my first post of the decade. I have been seriously blogging from past 2 years and when I look back, I can see how my life has changed for good. Believe it or not, writing has great powers. It has the power to unlock innermost potentials of a human being. The more you write down your thoughts, the more you think with clarity.

I do not claim myself as a good writer at this point in time but I am very sure I will be one some day πŸ€—. In the past two years, I have clearly figured out the secret behind becoming a good writer. And this realization was the best thing that happened to me in the last decade.

Revealing the Secret

Well, it is not really a secret, everyone knows it but only a few put that effort to implement this secret in life. If you are wondering what, it is nothing but ‘Reading‘, avid reading. I was able to develop a solid reading habit in the last decade. I did read earlier but I fell in love with reading just two years back. I realised, writing can make wonders only if my reading base is set right. Else I would end up in trouble.

It was the decade I fell into the trap of books, a trap that I never want to come out of. At that time I was living in Austria, a German speaking country. English books were less in sight even in a library. I invested in a Kindle. I bow before the masterminds behind E-readers. It opened a large world for me at my fingertips.

I not only read books, but also discovered the idea of reviewing them on every possible platform so that others too can discover them. Eventually I ended up becoming a Book Reviewer. My sheer love for books increased day by day and in the beginning of 2020, I started my own Youtube Channel to spread all the bookish vibes in this small world.

My love for Physical Book Vs E-Books

I started off as an E-Reader, hence Kindle stays my eternal love. I carry it with me everywhere. When we live in a foreign country where we cannot afford to purchase physical copies, kindle is a boon. Also while shifting houses, books always become the last priority and that may hurt a book lover like me. So, I just adore my Kindle.

In November 2019, we moved to Brighton, United Kingdom. Like we say, ‘Man proposes, God disposes’, here I found a huge library at just five minutes walkable distance from our house. A two storey building filled with books where I have no language barriers to read them! For the moment, my reading life is all sorted, I feel ‘hurray’!! So now a days I get to read a lot of physical copies as well.

I have a detailed post on how I developed a regular reading habit. In case you are interested, you can go ahead and read that post πŸ€—.

So tell me, when did you start reading? How has reading changed your life?Do you have reading goals?

For 2020, I have set a reading goal of 100 books on my Goodreads account. I would love to be friends with you on Goodreads.

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123 Replies to “The Best Thing That Happened To Me In The Last Decade”

  1. It was pleasure to know ur story and I agree with the point, if our reading is good, then writing will also become nice.

    I used to read since childhood during summer vacation, but from the time OTT platforms has come, my interest has shifted to them.
    Infact I read a book during this lockdown after 1year and it was so good.
    So, now I will again start reading.

  2. Whoa 100 books! That’s an amazing goal and the way you are keeping yourself involved with books am sure you will also achieve it. Good luck with your YouTube channel too and I think we are already Goodreads friends πŸ™‚ Am glad you participated in this blog hop and shared this beautiful piece with us πŸ™‚

  3. Goal of 100 books is impressive…but I would love to know the timeframe that you want to achieve that in. I prefer paperbacks over ebooks…maybe cause I dont have a kindle.. :D…But I know that the prices of paperbacks are way too high abroad. Keep reading Maya.
    #DecadeHop #RRxMM

  4. I would love to be friends with you on Goodreads Maya:)
    The past decade I came back to my reading habit and read loads of books. Since reading was always my first love, I could understand all the emotions floating behind your words in this post.
    Let us hope to have much more reading in the coming decades


  5. Well, you writing inspired me to write Maya, 55 fiction. You can read it and let me know. I too started reading at young age. I had many books at home and people used to tease me saying that I can open a book shop or even start lending books. Recently, two years back I started reading ebooks on Kindle. From then, I have my own library on Kindle. It was my love for reading which made me a writer πŸ™‚

  6. i loved reading your post for two reasons! One, because of the keen desire to learn and the self-confidence you have about making it work. And two, because of the secret you shared as the recipe for becoming a good writer. I cannot emphasize on this enough and I am just so glad to see someone else say it too. Everything you said about reading and writing rings so true. Thank you for saying this. P.S. – sharing your post with my Creative Writing students.

  7. Its really good to know that you were busy in reading, i used to be a voracious read but after starting the two blogs the intensity has decreased too much. Btw, i have always preferred hard copies than kindle and logically i dont need kimdle much as i dont travel too much.

  8. Maya..I know your love for books. 100 that is something. Thanks for sharing your youtube channel. I checked the videos and your love for book reading reflect through your explanation. keep it up and good luck!!

  9. I have been reading like since forever and this is thanks to my father’s habits. Every free moment was spent in comics, which turned to novels and now online forums. May you achieve numbers more than you desire. πŸ™‚

  10. Loved this post Maya! I have been a voracious reader since childhood, and fortunately my love for reading continues to this day. I agree with you completely- the secret to being a good writer is to read, read and read some more. I find that the correct grammar, creative ideas etc. come instinctively to those who read a lot.
    100 books is amazing! I hope you achieve your goal. Mine is a modest 35 books this year, but I hope to surpass it.
    Yes let’s be friends on Goodreads- I’m Noor Anand there.

  11. I love reading but after motherhood it’s difficult. But this year my plans are to read at least 20 and will definitely read your post. Have bookmarked it. Thanks for this post it boosted my spirits to take up the challenge more seriously.

  12. My reading began with Chacha Choudhary and Chandamama books! My Dad made sure we had story books of Marathi and Hindi too at home for our summer vacations and I loved reading them. There wasn’t a time I wasn’t reading and I know that for a writer it is like fodder. I haven’t yet invested in a Kindle but sure have to. Loved this post, Maya. There’s no truer love than the love for books and reading!

  13. Such a lovely post, Maya! I am a book lover too though not an avid reader I try to read at least 5-6 books in a year, not a good number, I know. But I’m going to improve this number in this decade for sure. I checked your YouTube channel, loved your videos, also subscribed to it. Wish you all the best for the coming years!

  14. I am a lousy reader but the times I read, I prefer a physical book over an e-book just for the simple reason that they might be gentler on the eyes…but you have a point when English books are not available in non-English speaking countries it is good to carry a Kindle…all good wishes for a lovely decade!

    1. Yes, thats the main reason I had my kindle. Somehow I got used to it. Just letting you know, if you haven’t ever used the kindle device (not app), it is as gentler as a normal book on your eyes. Completely glare free

  15. Wow!! Impressed Maya. And 100 is a number, girl. When it comes to reading, I am and old school and prefer hard copes but due to unavailbility of English books plus space lunch, I am happy with kindle πŸ™‚

  16. What a beautiful post. I too love e reading more so as an environmentalist. I have also hooked most of my friends on reading apps and try to exchange books for reading purpose. My tiny bit at conservation.

  17. Nice and inspiring post about your journey as a book lover. Irelate to the fact that ebooks /kindle are a better option when you stay abroad. May you read more books and write more such interesting blogs in the next decade as well. Good luck dear!

  18. It is great to meet a fellow bibliophile, and particularly an ebook lover. For me it is the content that matters and not the medium. Ebooks are more convenient. As for the reading goals, I don’t set a number but this year, have gone all out with the challenges.

    On a different note, how was The Bookish Life of Nina Hill (saw it on the pic included)? I have it on my Storytel bookshelf and meaning to pick it up next month

    1. That’s a funny story. I borrowed that book from library intrigued by its title. Then somehow couldn’t read it on time. Instead of renewing, I returned it. And then I see on Goodreads it was one of the best books of last year … I may pick it once again from library. It is about a girl nina who works in a library, only that much I know about the book. 😐

  19. Hey Maya, congratulations on the first post of the year and yes! Nothing can replace a physical copy. I do not read much, but when I do I need a physical copy. I wouldn’t call myself a reader, but I agree to your secret of reading, It is the key to success. If you believe me, You are already a good writer, you just need some recognition. Lovely reading your work.
    — rightpurchasing

  20. Hey Maya, I always have the confusion between a Kindle and physical books though I haven’t shifted to Kindle completely. Your post sorted out. I loved your YouTube channel and you speak so good.
    Wish you loads of luck

      1. Yes, I do feel that writing has the power to bring changes in our life as a positive way and reading too. Let me tell you I don’t read much but from last year I started reading, so that I can know about the new world, views and thoughts of others and to have a positive attitude in my life.

  21. Books are the best friends one can have. Reading can be therapeutic. I don’t get to read many books as i spend a lot of time reading on the net but your post has inspired me to start again. Loved your honest post and how the decade gave you lots to be happy about. Wishing you a great decade ahead

  22. Reading to me is akin to breathing, talking, seeing. And it’s the best tool to keep your writing muscles working perfectly. I don’t read novels, as much as I used to (children + 2 full time jobs), but every free minute I get, I try to read a few pages of something useful. And there’s huge appeal in having a gigantic assortment of books inside a perfectly sized Kindle screen.

    I hope you read and fall in love with so many books this decade. I’m planning to publish my first solo-authored book this year, and I’ll definitely get in touch with you about a book review.

  23. First many congrats for starting your Youtube channel Maya, and I completely agree with you that reading helps a lot in improving our writing skills. I had also planned to read regularly this year but somehow would not be able to do it right now..after reading your post, feeling inspired to read more and regularly.

  24. Reading is a therapy. It makes u live so many lives, visit so many places and feel so many emotions. Glad u have found a library near ur place. Keep sharing your videos. The first one about beginners books was amazing. 😊

  25. Totally agree! Positive reading and writing opens the door of hopes and helps you to grow as a better person. The best part of the writing that you find a new perspective go see the outer world! Comparison between ebooks and paperback is really interesting. I loved it. Best wishes!

  26. Reading helps us to think, observe, be creative with the characters.
    That’s a lovely post on a very important hobby one must have.
    Kindle is really a boon for traveling readers although i still love the smell of paper but technology sometimes comes up with best of the gadgets.

  27. Great Maya, for me your reading bar is something I too dreamt of every year, but my resolution of reading always vanish off till the year ends, now your post filled me with huge level of motivation, will try to bring back my track of daily reading from this moment. Agreed, Reading habit brings a remarkable improvement in writing side by side.

  28. Good to know about your reading habit . I am slowly diving into more of reading . Ebooks are very convenient but as of now I enjoy paperbacks . Good luck to you . Keep reading . I am moving to have a look at your YouTube channel

  29. I love reading but haven’t been able to prioritize it in the last few years. I dont enjoy ebooks but they are a means to an end. Maybe I should try using a tab or kindle to read ebooks to enjoy it more.. I am merely targeting 12-15 book this year and am on track!

    1. Thats great. E reading devices (kindle) are the best than phone apps. Happy to know that you are on track. Numbers doesnt matter, determination does 😊

  30. Hey Maya! How are you now? Coming to your post, dear, I loved the subtle way of your writing. Simple yet elegant. I am also a Kindle lover you know. I am also unable to buy paperbacks, that’s why I keep purchasing ebooks. I liked that you chose to write on your reading journey. Best wishes:)

    1. I am much much better now. I was actually thinking of writing everything that happened in the last decade. But because of my pain, I kept it pretty simple with just one highlight. I somehow feel happy about that now πŸ˜€

  31. I am a book lover from my childhood. Every night, I need to read to sleep. It is a part of my life now. I always look for a library in every city I go to. So, this post has resonated with me. I have never been comfortable with e-book reading. But, I have heard a lot of good things about it for a long time now. So maybe it is time to invest in it!

    I would like to know more about book reviews too. I am inspired to find out more after reading your post.

    Meena from

      1. Hey Maya. So nice to learn about your reading habit. I’m a lover of books too….. Both English and Hindi…The two languages I know. 100 is a big number but I’m sure you will do it just right. Good luck!πŸ’πŸ’

    1. What a wonderful post. Crisp and friendly. Yes, I too believe that reading is the only key to learn the art of writing. You are lucky to be surrounded by books and libraries. My heart breaks as India is losing its library culture.
      Best Wishes.

      1. I was surprised to know that here in the UK, library membership is absolutely free. When I went to library for the first time and the lady gave me my card. I asked how much should I pay, she looked at me like an alien. Also we can take 40 books at a time and keep for 3 weeks. And we can also read and listen to a lot of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines etc online using this card. I almost fainted when I heard this

  32. I feel so sad when I hear someone say they don’t like reading. It’s like saying I don’t breathe, I don’t eat. I strongly feel our mind is a weapon, and it needs to be sharpened and it can be done through books! I love reading, I’ve been doing that since a child and I am now a published author of 18 books – my own and collaborations. It is so nice to read that you love reading too. Trust me reading – ebooks or physical books, they make you think, and that’s a dangerous thing. Something about the whole thing – reading and books are so scandalous and I love it.

    1. 18 books !!!!! You look like goddess to me now πŸ˜ƒ

      I have one of my short stories published in an anthology by story mirror. Just telling, you know πŸ™ˆ

  33. Reading is a great habit for it gives happiness. My goal is to read 26 books on self help and self improvement by the end of march. If you like to help let me know. In two years you found the secret to writing. Hope to see you as a writer soon. Good luck.

    1. Loved you post because of love for books. Will be watching your you tube channel soon too. You are living in heaven with library just five minutes for you home. Wow. Also hope you write more. Loved your expression.
      Best wishes

  34. Maya. Loved this post. Because of the great big secret- reading!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
    That happens to be a sore issue with me! I was an avid reader before. But after my delivery I lost the habit and I’m finding it hard to build up an interest in reading now. No focus, no long attention span and largely no touch! And now I don’t know where to begin!!
    Yours is a very timely post believe me!
    Thank you for this!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

        1. How lovely Maya? From e books to physical books, Even if it happened in reverse, it’s a joy to discover books.
          Wishing you the best in your journey
          PS- Writer’s block is real. Very real

    1. Wow good Dear Maya. Reading is absolute love for my life too. And true, e books have made it so much easier. Keep exploring great books, enjoy and spreading the bookish vibes.

  35. If you want to be a good writer you have to read πŸ™‚ The more you read the more the words flow.I started reading at the age of 5. We had a library within walking distance and I used to be glued to books. Kindle or paperback doesn’t make much of a difference as long as your reading I feel. We have to think of space and monetary issues. Even I do not like to spend too much on books so I agree with you here.Maya. All the best and more reading to you in the coming decade.

    1. Thank you so much. Space and monetary issues does matter atleast at some point in time for every person. Even I used to read a lot of story books when I was a kid. Then I just forgot about reading because of our overwhelming academic curriculum. πŸ˜ƒ

  36. Ever since my little one became an avid reader, I graduated to kindle. Space constraints you may say. But it opened up a treasure trove of books. Wherever I go my Kindle travels with me. Loved reading bout your love story with books.

    1. Maya you have written on a very important topic..Reading opens a world that is full of delight and helps to become better individuals as our focus improves..And of course can writing be far behind..Your post was very helpful for me..You made sure you read no matter what, loved this attitude.. Best of luck for the future..

  37. What a wonderful love story!
    Being an ardent bibliophile, my love for the written word has taken me on many a adventure through the printed pages of books.

    In 2019, I had taken up a reading challenge of 50 books in the year. I ended up reading 60 books instead. 😁

    Here’s hoping we never get over our love for books. Be it physical copies, kindle versions, or audio books, may our addiction for them continue to grow stronger with time.

    Cheers to the ‘bookdragon’ we have in us…

  38. Hey!! I am also an avid reader and that habbit has been with me since childhood. I read ebooks but more than that I love reading physical books and hence joined a library. Though now a days there are more books available online. Hence I follow both so that I dont miss out much. Its nice to catch up with a fellow reader.

    1. And e books are so pocket friendly. I do not mind calling myself a cheap reader but I make best possible use everything that gives me great value in less money or even no money when it comes to reading. One e reader (device/app) and a library membership is more than enough to live a reader’s life πŸ€—

        1. 100 books on Goodreads!
          Reading is an amazing experience, only the ones who read know. And you are at the right place. We all love reading. So happy about the Library so close to you place. Lucky you!
          Must visit your blog again!

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