When a child is born, it brings it’s destiny along. Human beings do not have an authority to change the destiny of another human being even if it is their own children. Here, the little light is a tiny little soul who is yet to be born in the world of humans. It dwells inside the cosmic womb where Sun, planets and other celestial bodies are planning its future. Sounds interesting, right?

If you have even a small idea about astrological signs and elements related to it, you can well relate with this story. Dag and Havah, two imaginary characters who are believed to be the guardians of the Lore lead the constellation party of the little light. That’s where all the celestial bodies meet and decide the little light’s future.

The little light by Dipa snatani

My Review

It takes a while to get into the story since it is a different concept. But once you get a grip, you are in a different world of cosmos. ‘The little light’ is an interesting character which is yet to take a shape in the human world. Even it’s gender is to be decided in the constellation party, or rather inside the cosmic womb. What makes the story even more interesting is the little light’s curiosity to know about her past and future life. When the celestial bodies answer little light’s querries, we the readers also find answers to some of our subconscious questions.

Even though this story is a mere work of fiction, I am pretty sure the author must have done ample research about astrological signs and predictions, horoscopes, the impact of celestial bodies on human life, past life, re-births, etc before weaving a tale like this. The hard work behind the book can be clearly seen inside.

It was a unique reading experience. You get to read a beautiful tale about a soul’s journey from one body to another. At some point in time, the flow of the story gets monotonous. But it picks the pace by the time the climax approaches.

I feel the cover page could have been a little better. It is relatable yet not up to the mark with the content inside. It somewhere misleads the reader to think if it is children’s book whereas it is meant for all age groups.

My Rating

3.8/5 (which is 4 on Amazon)

Go ahead and pick this book on a relaxing day. Wish you a happy journey to the cosmos!!

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Dipa Sanatani

Stay tuned for an interview with this author to know more about her. I am sure, you will be excited to know about behind the scenes of ‘the little light’.

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