After reading and reviewing 25 Essentials to Happy Living and Enrich Life by Preeti Pathak, today I bring to you an Interview with this amazing author. I may sound too promotional here, but friends, you should give her books a try if you haven’t yet. A major category of readers I know are not into these kinds of spiritual self-help books. But I want you to try Preeti’s books and see how she explains important aspects of life with such ease through real-life examples.

Preeti Pathak

Preethi has worked as a Marketing professional with expertize in Brand and Event Management with a leading Entertainment channel and international cosmetics brand for more than a decade. After a sabbatical of seventeen years from her corporate career, Preeti chose not to dive back into the corporate world but rather help people find happiness and harmony in their personal and professional life. Preeti is also a certified yoga practitioner, advanced angel practitioner, counselor, wellness coach and conducts meditation workshops to spread love and light.

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25 Essentials to Happy Living

Enrich Life

So now, let me share a soulful conversation with the Author Preeti Pathak;

After reading two of your beautifully penned pieces of wisdom my first question to You would be, why spiritual books?

Preeti: From an early age, I always questioned the why of everything. I was inspired to write on the science of life to help and motivate people to see the obvious and not-so-obvious, understand it and apply it in their life for a happy and sorted living. When I embarked on my journey of self-realization, I realized deeper fundamentals of life. It is not life, people or situations that are complex. We complicate our life by our own self in the name of relations, attitudes, and work that we do. What comes naturally to me is to share my learnings, my philosophy of life and be the catalyst to help people live an enriched life.

You have mentioned about your spiritual Guruji in both the books. How did you come to know Sri Paramhansa Yogananda Guruji and what made you follow his principles in life?

Preeti: In 2011 a friend took me to Ananda Sangha – Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, established by Swami Kriyananda – a direct disciple of Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda. They say, when the disciple is ready, the guru appears. A deep yearning to understand the why of everything, learn yoga and meditation took me close to my Guru Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda. The path of self-realization is the simplest and beautiful way of living life. It is a stress-free and harmonious lifestyle, and I recommend it to everyone.

How was your experience being an author of two spiritual / self-improvement books ‘25 Essentials to Happy Living’ and ‘Enrich Life’?

Preeti: As an author of ‘25 Essentials to Happy Living’ and ‘Enrich Life’ my experience has been very fulfilling and uplifting. I believe life is a journey with work always in progress, to learn and evolve. Every time I accomplish a task and think “this is it,” another task is defined. Each task takes me closer to my life’s mission: to seek freedom and help others find theirs. Every experience, every piece of work created, has enriched my life even more. I feel blessed to bring to people of all age-groups these simple learning through my books for an enriched life.

When can we expect your next book to release and what would it be about?

Preeti: It is a unique concept in my style of writing. And I would like to keep it as a surprise for my readers.

What kind of books do you read? What is your current read?

Preeti: I usually read books on the philosophy of life, spirituality, esoteric science, biographies and sometimes I read fiction books (by my author friends). Currently, I am reading Treasures Against Time by Brenda Lewis Rosser.

Can you share some words of wisdom for today’s youth?

Preeti: Today’s youth is more evolved and progressive than the previous generations. Three fundamentals can help the youth focus and get clarity to be successful in everything that they do and live an enriched life. First, Journaling own experiences & thoughts. Second, being mindful of own strength, weakness, opportunities & threats. And finally, the practice of ‘Me time’ to indulge in activities of interest without influence from friends and family.

Any thoughts you wish to share with our readers?

Preeti: Never waste time complaining about and attempting to change other people. Make inner engineering the mantra for a beautiful and successful life.


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