It’s been a long time I didn’t post any book reviews. Today,  I have a great book recommendation for you. ‘The Secret of his Turquoise eyes’ by Praachi Verma is an amazing choice for mystery lovers.


Rudra Gautam is a theoretical physicist whose mesmerizing turquoise eyes aren’t just his most impressive feature but are gifted to visualize the world of electric and magnetic energies around them. He keeps his extraordinary capabilities hidden until his uniqueness is chosen to unravel an abstruse secret. The clues which are hidden in the strangest of places; the directions to which can be obtained only by solving complex codes, that only the most knowledgeable can figure out.

Rudra quickly realizes that he will need the help of Azna Jahe, a Glacial-Geography and Lhasa expert whom he once loved. Their quest takes them on a harrowing journey over the world’s most unforgiving elevations where their innermost fears come to life. They skim through the layers of increasingly complex ciphers, all while being pursued by a para-human assassin who will stop at nothing to obtain that secret.

But it requires a lot more than just knowledge to unravel that secret; will Rudra be able to cross those barriers to solving it? If so, then will there be any coming back for him?

How far will he go until he realizes that the answer to it lays within him?

The secret of his Turquoise Eyes


If any book can give you a mixed experience of mystery, thrill, fantasy, romance, science, technology and spirituality, that’s this book. It requires a greater level of imaginary power to weave a unique story of its kind. Praachi is one of such authors I have come across recently. She has created a wonderful world inside this book. ‘The Secret of his Turquoise Eyes’ is a mesmerizing read that takes the reader through a rollercoaster ride of discovering a different world within our normal world.

Though, romance is not the main subject of this story, the chemistry between Rudra and Azna is beautifully picturized throughout the journey. It feels like we(readers) are a part of their adventurous quest of decoding the secrets inside a book.

Attractive Book Cover

When I got a review request for this book, the first thing that caught my attention was the beautifully designed cover page. I appreciate the person who designed this cover. It’s so eye catching and meaningful to go with the title of the book.

Unique character names

The characters in the book have interesting and unique Tibetan names. Now, I do not know if this could be pointed as a drawback. Sometimes, I got confused about certain names and had to re-read the story. This need not be an issue at all, just my personal thing :).

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More scope for illustrations

The book has some unique illustrations to go with the storyline. They really add to the charm of the book. I feel there was a lot more scope for relevant illustrations. I know it sounds cliche, but I am someone who would love to see a lot of illustrations in mystery/fantasy fiction.

Develops excitement for Book 2

While the last part of the book reveals the secret of Rudra’s Turquoise eyes and the reason behind that secret, it also leaves a lot of unanswered questions in the reader’s mind. I liked the cliffhanger set in the final chapter. Hoping to get answers to all my questions in the second part.

My Rating


I recommend this book to every reading enthusiast. Purchase the book from the link right below:

About the author


Dr. Praachi Verma is a writer based in Oslo, Norway. She worked as a dental surgeon for eight years and took a brief hiatus from her profession to pursue a career in writing.

A career in clinical dentistry and research provided an outlet for writing research papers, training and policy manual, articles and newsletters, but never fulfilled her desire to write a novel.

Praachi was a long time fiction and science reader and now she has knitted a fictional world which interlinks her susceptible thoughts to her scientific knowledge and approach. The secret of his Turquoise eyes is her first novel.

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