The happiness of gifting your dear ones with something they love to receive is unexplainable. Gifts speak more than words. It simply shows how well you know the other person. There is no point in giving cliche gifts that could be of no use to the receiver. So always be thoughtful while picking gifts for someone close to your heart.

Today our spotlight is on book lovers. If you ever happen to buy a gift for an avid reader, consider these ideas and make your gifts more precious. At the end, tell me which idea you liked the most.

So here are a few ideas;

Gift ideas for book lovers


It is obvious that books should be the first option to consider when it comes to a book worm. But, you need to make sure that that person does not own the particular book you are planning to gift him/her. Also, it is not a bad idea to ask them directly which book would they prefer to have. A book worm will never hesitate to tell you their choices.


The safest gift you can ever give someone. Give them cash or Amazon gift vouchers (or any literary discount vouchers) so that they can buy/order books of their own choice. Who doesn’t love the freedom of choice?

Book Subscription Boxes

These are basically monthly parcels that come to you with surprise books and some goodies inside. There are many book subscription boxes in India. They generally have quarterly, half-yearly and annual subscription options. You can choose something that suits your budget. Have a look into some of the Book Box Subscription options available in India

Gift ideas for book lovers

Bookish Merchandise

This can be anything that makes his/her reading experience beautiful. Say coffee mugs, scented candles, reading lights, cozy socks sets, hand gloves, etc. You can also go for customized t-shirts, tote bags, bookmarks, pendants and what not. There are a lot of options available on Amazon. Just make sure that the person is interested in these kinds of fancy stuff.


E-readers are getting popular nowadays. An avid reader would love to have a kindle. It will be the best gift ever for a book worm and s/he will remember you for a lifetime.

Why Kindle? Click here

Library subscription

Gift them a library subscription if they don’t have one. A good library is not less than a heaven for a book lover. Local libraries are great blessings for book worms if they do not have enough money to invest in books.


There are beautiful journals available in the market nowadays. Something where readers can keep track of their reading list, save quotes or any relevant write-ups related to their reading. A tiny memory of the beautiful reading journey. See this beautiful journal to get an idea of what we are talking about.


That’s all for now. New ideas will be added to this list in the future. I hope you liked these ideas. So now onwards, whenever you buy gifts for book worms, consider these choices to choose from. Gifts can spread happiness only if they can add value to the receiver’s life. So choose your gifts wisely.

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