Love can happen to anyone at any time. A relationship can even develop in the weirdest circumstances as in ‘Slove’. Let us get into the book in detail.


While a book is a read and go, the characters it has to stay forever with us. While SLOVE is fiction, Evan and Radhika do exist and will stay with you even after you have read the book. Rising from rags to riches, Evan grows feelings from gratitude to love, while Radhika lives in denial worrying about her own insecurities and moralities. Find out how things turn around between Evan and Radhika and whether or not they are able to conquer their fears and their love, after all the twists and turns!

Slove by Sunita Godara

My Review

The book has a unique title. Slove is a combination of the words Slave and Love. It just goes perfectly with the storyline. So firstly, I appreciate the creativity in the title.
The concept of the story is very different here. Something new and fresh. It is a story of compassion and humanity slowly developing into a relationship. But it also gives an unrealistic feeling whether such things really happen in life?

The author has elaborated the story so much by adding long conversations between characters. Some conversations get repetitive at times which I think could have avoided to some extent. Also, the Review copy I received had a lot of typos and grammatical errors. It distracts the focus of the story at many times. I request the author to get it corrected as soon as possible if it is not done so yet.

The book also talks about child trafficking and slavery which is common in many parts of the world. It highlights the issue of sexual abuse and its dangerous impact on the victim for a lifetime.

My Rating

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Maya Bhat
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