By now, most of you must know that I am a die-hard Kindle fan. If you wonder why so, here are the reasons. Well, today I have five short story recommendations for you. Some of them are absolutely free on Kindle. If you don’t own the device, you can read it on the Kindle App too.

The Text by Claire Douglas

The Text

‘The Text’ is a story that will keep your curiosity level high until the last part. It is a very entertaining short read of 40 pages.

Emily dislikes her rude boss Andrew. That day she was furious because Andrew just spoiled her long weekend plans by not allowing her to take time off from work. She types a message to her boyfriend about this and her hatred towards Andrew. But by mistake, that message drops into her work group. That’s how the story begins.

This story is free on Kindle. Go ahead and grab this short story for a relaxed weekend read. Click here to purchase ‘The Text’.

The Frogs by Preethi Shenoy

The Frogs by Preeti Shenoy

Preeti Shenoy’s books are my all time favorites. Recently I read this short story of hers and found it interesting. The Frogs is a very small story of 17 pages. A unique twist at the end will leave you in shock.

Aparna had a bitter childhood. She got married to Ganesh just because her aunt wanted her to. She was not happy with her life. Aparna is a complicated character. At the climax of the story, you end up confused with his character. The story leaves so many questions in a readers mind. Click here to purchase ‘The Frogs’.

A Wasted Hour by Jeffrey Archer

A wasted hour by Jeffrey Archer

A 14 pages short story that will finish in the blink of an eye. This is one of the stories from Jeffrey Archer’s book named ‘Tell Tale’.

Kelly always thumbed a ride back to college but never told her parents. Her father would drop her to the station on the first day of term. But as soon as he leave, Kelley would walk towards the road and find someone to give her a ride. Why did Kelley do that? Click here to purchase ‘A Wasted Hour’. It’s a free read on Kindle.

Why I am an Atheist

Why I am an Atheist by Bhagat Singh

This is not a short story but a short explanation by Bhagat Singh about his atheism. A well-penned piece of literature. He wrote it when he was 23.

Even though I am not an atheist, I loved his views on being an atheist. Believing or not believing in the existence of God strongly depend upon one’s circumstances. He was someone who had seen the worst phase of our country. He had seen people suffer. His views of atheism make complete sense for his then circumstances. Click here to purchase ‘Why I am an atheist’.

The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond

The blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond

Before you go, I have a recommendation for your kid too. The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond will surely get an appreciation from kids around 8-11 years of age.

It is a story of a ten-year-old girl Binya, who falls in love with a Blue silk Umbrella. That blue umbrella belonged to a lady who came from the city to visit Binya’s village. Binya wanted the umbrella so badly that she gave away her lucky leopard’s claw pendant in exchange for that umbrella. People in the village start looking enviously at Binya for having that beautiful blue umbrella.

There is also a movie based on this book. You can find it on youtube. The kid can also have a visual experience of the book.


So, that was all for today. I hope you will find a good story for yourself from these recommendations. Before you go, you can also read one of my previous posts ‘Amazing Advantages of Reading Short Stories’ if that interests you.

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