Have you ever wondered what kind of emails book bloggers get in their inbox every day? Ok, for someone like me, it’s not every day but once in a while.

Basically, the types of emails that hit my inbox are; requests for

  • Reviews
  • Guest post
  • Collaboration work
  • Advertisements etc

Now, I like it when someone considers me worth doing something for them through the medium of my blog. I feel happy about starting a blog in my life. But sometimes, some e-mails appear just to annoy the person this side. Something like these;

Hey, my book x got published recently. I am sure you would love to read and review it.

These type of emails tempt me to hit a reply – ‘LOL’.

You do not have the time to introduce yourself or give me a brief description of your book or just ask me whether I am interested to read your book. And you think I would love to read AND REVIEW your book. LOL!

Hey, I read your blog regularly and love your work. Will you review the product x (some beauty product)

Ok, I understand there is no harm in asking for a review whatever the product is. But why did you write that first line? If you have ever opened my blog, you would surely know what is it all about. Why so much flattery?

E-mails that Annoy Book Bloggers

We are so and so people. We can bring more traffic to your blog

Hmm, spammers. I wonder where they come from! Anyways thanks to the ‘delete’ button.

Hello, I would like to guest post on your blog on x topic (again something not related to my blog)

Why? Why? Why can’t you check the blog before sending an email!

The copy paste requests

Recently I got a book review request from someone who addressed me ‘Dear Alexa’. It’s ok to copy paste same mail to different people. But always remember to change the name of the recipient before you hit that send button.


E-mails are so important for any profession. We should be a little careful while sending an e-mail, especially work-related. A wrong E-mail can leave a lasting negative impression about you. This post was not written with the intention of making fun of anyone. This is just a reminder for everyone to be thoughtful about certain things we do in our day-to-day life.

What kind of e-mail annoys you as a blogger?

Maya Bhat
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