Do you ever check any book blog (even if you are a book blogger) to read book reviews every now and then? I don’t. Now don’t lie to yourself, you too don’t. Let’s make peace with this ultimate truth.

People search for book reviews only when they plan to read a particular book. No one reads random book reviews without any reason. So, it becomes a challenge for book bloggers to grow their blog at a faster pace compared to any other bloggers. Writing only book reviews is never going to bring traffic to book blogs.

So here I have some creative blog post ideas for book bloggers. When you start thinking beyond book reviews, book blogging becomes more interesting and worth its existence.

Book Recommendations for a particular category of people

Bulk book recommendation posts are very helpful to readers as they get a wide range of books to choose from. Various categories to whom you can recommend books are

  • Kids (most popular)
  • Teenagers
  • Young adults
  • Mothers

Bookish activity alerts

Various bookish activities happen around you throughout the year. Read-a-thons, read-alongs, giveaways, contests, etc. Alert your readers with these updates and encourage them to participate.

Creative Blog post ideas for book bloggers

Spread some knowledge

Share your book blogging knowledge with beginners. Give them tips and ideas to grow. Tell them how things work in the blog world. They will love your blog for these contents. Because there is no school for blogging. We learn from each other.

Discuss characters in a popular series

Most fiction/fantasy series has a fan base. If you discuss the characters of any particular series (eg; harry potter) in a creative way, like-minded people will keep flooding on your blog.

Create a buzz about some new releases

New books are something readers always look for. Collect news about fresh releases from various publishing house websites and shout about them on your blog. Readers will love it when they get a lot of information in a single post. Meanwhile, you as a Book Blogger also get a reason to stay updated with the literary world.


So these were a few ideas to think beyond book review posts. I will keep adding new ideas to this list in the future. Let’s encourage the world to read more books. I hope you will try them on your blog. Happy blogging!

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