Short is always sweet. You and I, without any doubt, love getting more value in less time. Short stories are the best way to get entertained as well as improve your reading skills. Most of the time, short stories do not get the spotlight it deserves. So today, let us discuss some amazing advantages of reading short stories.

Know the author’s writing style

Short stories written by a person will give you a fair idea about his/her writing style. It can help you decide whether or not to pick a novel written by that author. So whenever you try a new author, give a look into his/her short write-ups first.

More Short stories = More Books

Ok, short stories are not books. But, nowadays a lot of short stories that get published on Kindle are considered as books when it comes to Goodreads reading list. So it’s a win-win situation. You finish a short story, you finish a book. And you are motivated to pick your next read. How cool is that!

Scope for imagination

Short stories generally leave a lot of scope for imagination. It does not go deep into characters and plot. Hence the reader is free to have his/her own analysis on the same.

Advantages of reading short stories

Improves vocabulary

Short stories are so small that when you come across new words, you cannot ignore them as in novels. Thus there are high chances the reader’s vocabulary gets improved while reading short stories.

Improves writing skills

Reading short stories help you brush up your writing skills. You learn how to present things very short and crisp.

From small beginnings come great things

To conclude with, let me take you to one of my latest short stories Two Lost Souls. Also when the A2Z challenge reaches the letter F, I will be coming up with Five Short Story recommendations on Kindle to make your short stories journey easier. See you tomorrow with an interesting post starting with letter B.

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