Here I am with yet another Book Review. Beyond a mysterious journey is a light read which goes well with some coffee. Before we go deep into the review, let me give you an outline of the story.

Nandini and Neelkand decide to go on a vacation in the beautiful city of Georgia. A trip to an abandoned castle in Georgia changes their life forever. The couple gets caught in a series of supernatural events that send them into the past and change their future, all while enjoying the company of an unusual friend.

Try your hands on this book to find out what happened with Nandini and Neelkand.

Beyond a Mysterious Journey

My Review

The Author has tried her best to put her imagination into words. I liked the flow of the story where Nandini and Neelkand, a normal couple come face to face with supernatural beings during their Georgia visit. Beyond a Mysterious Journey is a mix of fantasy and fiction. You get to see fictional characters landing in fantasy/unusual circumstances at some point of time in the story which is really interesting.

The story also gives some relationship message to the readers. Sometimes life gets so monotonous and relationships do not seem happening anymore. It’s always a good idea to take a break and do something different to get the entity of marriage running.

However, the e-book copy I read had a lot of errors in terms of spelling and grammar. I would suggest the Author cover it up at any cost as soon as possible so that the book gets good exposure which it really deserves. No matter how good the content is, weak editing can sometimes backstab the whole effort Author has put in writing the whole book. I really hope this suggestion will be taken with all good spirits.

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My Rating


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Author: Madhuparna Suman 

Madhuparna Suman is a freelance writer and a creative software engineer. Reading is her great passion. Philosophy, mythology and inspirational books are her favorites. She is passionate about seeing things from a different angle. She has authored three other books before Beyond a mysterious journey. A fiction novel and two cookbooks.

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