A beautiful evening spent at Vayalapra Floating Park, Payyanur

Most of you must have read my previous post in Explore Bharat Blog train where I introduced to you my hometown Kanhangad. I recently visited my home and had a really good time. Since we live in Austria, we have the privilege of visiting homes (mine and his) only once in a year as of now. Or I would say, we have just kept it that way to save costs. This time it was little more than a year and we were so excited about our vacation in India.

While we were in Kanhangad, my mother gave this idea of visiting the Vayalapra Floating park in Payyanur one evening. Payyanur is yet another beautiful town that comes under the vicinity of Kannur district of Kerala. It takes around one hour from Kanhangad to Payyanur via roadway. We rented a car to explore this newly opened Floating park in Payyanur.

On the way to Vayalapra park, we planned a visit to the Anjaneya Giri near Ezhimala Naval Academy. It is a calm and quiet place where you get to see a 41 feet tall Hanuman Statue. This statue is considered as the tallest Hanuman statue in South India. It is a must visit place if you are traveling on that route by any chance.

Lord Anjaneya firmly stands at the very top of the hillock. We all know the instance in Ramayana where Lakshmana went unconscious during the war. To save his life Hanuman was asked to bring the Mritha Sanjeevani plant that grew on Dronagiri Parvat in the Himalayas. When Hanuman got confused among various herbs on the mountain, he decided to carry the whole Dronagiri Parvat to Lanka so that there is no scope for any mistake. It is believed that while Hanuman was carrying the Dronagiri Parvat to Lanka, a piece of hill fell off in this area. Ezhimala has a lot of importance when it comes to Ayurvedic medicines.

From the top of Anjaneya Giri, we got a very natural view of rivers and coconut trees. While we were enjoying the serene view from the top of Anjaneya Giri, we bought some Jackfruit ice cream for our company. It was the first time I tried Jackfruit Ice cream, the unique dessert of Kerala. Believe me, it was yum.

Jackfruit ice cream

By then it was 4 pm in the evening. We started moving towards Vayalapra Park which is around 10-14 km from Ezhimala. And finally, we reached our destination at around 4 30 pm. Hurray !!

Maya Bhat's parents
Meet my parents ☺️

Having taken the entry ticket costing Rs.20 per head, we entered the floating park. The entrance area was really impressive. We found salted and pickled vegetables waiting for us at the entrance to spice up the further experience inside. Why would we miss some local mix of pickled vegetables? Especially when all our intention during Indian visits is to eat homely as well as local food.

Vayalapra Floating Park

After that, we had to cross a walkway built on the top of Chemballikundu lake to reach the park. This walkway is the main attraction of the place and that’s why it is called the floating park. Again, all through the walkway, we came across lots of food stalls where we get options like ice creams, fried green peas, flavored Avil milk (Avil milk is a specialty of north Kerala. It is nothing but a mix of beaten rice, milk, and sugar), Sweet corn, french fries etc. The point is, you will not starve at this place :D.

Maya Bhat
On the walkway bridge

After crossing the walkway, we reached the park which was an interesting place to walk around. This area is specially designed for kids. They would love to run around and play in the park. There were game zone, swimming area and some rides for children apart from the normal play space. Again, here too we found a lot of food stalls to explore. Now that we have come this far, let me tell you, food is a bit costly inside compared to the quantity they serve. So, choose accordingly.

Vayalapra Floating Park

We spent some time in the park trying some more food. By the time we walked back to the floating walkway, the boat ride was about to start. We joined them. It costs Rs.60 per head for a 20 minutes boat ride.

The boat accommodates around 40-45 people in one go. I loved the traditional design of chairs inside the boat and the breezy view of coconut trees all around.

Vayalapra Floating Park

And that was how a beautiful evening ended. We had a happy time in Vayalapra Floating park. I would suggest you bookmark the place for future reference. That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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  1. This seems so cool. Didn’t know about it until now and am tempted to plan the next family trip to Kerala to cover this!

  2. Such beautiful pictuers, Maya! And that floating park sounds like a great experience. Like I told you earlier I haven’t been to Kerela at all. You are giivng me all the right reasons for me to visit it. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the detailed virtual tour which included the foods too. Loved this place and my kid would love to visit his best friend. He hasn’t seen such a huge statue of his friend. I want to watch his reaction when he sees this.

  4. Vayalapra Floating Park sounds like an amazing experience! I had never heard of it, so thank you for introducing it, Maya. I love the list of edibles available there. Made me hungry!:)

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