Two Lost Souls (Short Story)

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Miranda. She was very fond of books. Wherever she saw a book, she would pick it up and start reading.

She was just 18 and owned a magical library of 20,000 books. She was a magical reader.

One day, Miranda was on her way back to home from school. There was a small lake where she sometimes used to sit and read a few pages.

That day she found an abandoned book on the lakeshore. Miranda’s friend Joan was very sceptical about it. Despite Joan’s scepticism, Miranda picked it up.

After dinner, Miranda sat down to explore through her new book. She had a strange feeling when she opened the first chapter. Was Joan’s intuition right?

Two Lost Souls

It was a romance novel. A story of Ann and Myth. They were an adventurous couple. Miranda was about to dive into the story, that her mother’s voice distracted her.

“Miranda, come here”, called her mother from the kitchen. Miranda got up from her place leaving the book open.

That’s when it happened.

“Shhh… Ann please keep quiet. We aren’t going anywhere.”

“Myth, just imagine the world outside. It would be beautiful. Please let’s get outside before Miranda comes back.”

Myth was ready to do anything for Ann but not this time. They were meant to live inside the book. Myth very well knew the consequences of attempting to get out of the book. It will definitely put them in danger.

But, Ann was in no mood to compromise. She was always fascinated by the world outside books. It was her ultimate dream to live a life, just like the readers did. To her, the life being a character in a story was getting monotonous.

To find a solution to this dilemma, Myth called Book Fairy for help.

Book fairy appeared. This wasn’t the first time though. Fairy repeated her advice to Ann for the umpteenth time.

“Dear Ann, once you get out of a book, you cannot enter inside unless and until you find the same page and spot from where you jumped out. Also, you cannot physically enjoy the outer world. You cannot touch or experience anything that you see in the human world nor could humans see you. Please understand.”

This time Book fairy’s words did not change Ann’s mind. She was desparate to get out of the book before Miranda came back.

Myth was seriously upset by now. He didn’t want to leave her alone in danger, either. He tried convincing her one last time but in vain. So, he decided to accompany Ann and face the consequence.

Ann held Myth’s hand and they jumped out of the book. Book Fairy sighed and disappeared!!

Two lost souls

Meanwhile, Miranda came back to the room. She had no idea what happened during her absence.

It was already 10 pm and time for her to sleep. She closed the book, kept it in her bookshelf and went to sleep.

Ann and Myth wandered all the way around. Slowly, Ann started to realize her mistake and wanted to get inside the book asap. At least they had an identity when they were inside the book. Outside, they were nothing less than two lost souls.

It was very disappointing not to find the book on Miranda’s table. They waited for days and months to see if Miranda opens the same page from where they jumped out of the book. But unfortunately, she never opened that book again.

Whenever Miranda opened a book, Ann and Myth tried to enter in, thinking it was their home. Years passed, generations passed, many Miranda’s came and went by. But Ann and Myth were still lost in the unknown.

Have you ever noticed, whenever you keep your books open and unattended, pages turn by themselves?

It is Ann and Myth peeping into the pages to find their story. They still roam around us, readers in good hope to find their lost home.

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65 Replies to “Two Lost Souls (Short Story)”

  1. Oh..What a story crafted from your imagination..Very brilliantly narrated a fictional theme. Your introductory message should prompt readers to go more for short stories. Grt

  2. What an imagination n narration of ddstory?loved every bit of it? u r a great story teller I must say.. poor Ann n myth until Wen will tey dwell in this world searching for their home…

  3. Cute…i will definitely think that Myth and Ann have turned the pages of my book and also tell my daughter the same..she is an avid reader…Heart winning story..

  4. Your post was surely worth the wait Maya. Very well written and loved your take on the prompt. Will be more careful next time I leave my books open!!!

  5. That was a beautiful story.. .my grandfather used to say. That if u leave a book open while reading and go away.. The vidya from that book goes away and nothing enters your brain.. . Your story reminded me of that

  6. I think this is the best fiction take on the prompts i have read so far! Absolutely brilliant. My daughter is also a reader and i will definitely show this one to her, the characters coming out of the book and never being able to return will surely excite her. Wonderfully crafted.

  7. I hadn’t interpreted this prompt in this way at all! Beautiful narration, Maya. I loved how simply you connected it to the fact that book pages turn when left unattended. In today’s world of ebooks Ann and Myth, poor souls, might have to wait forever for another Miranda and their magic page!

  8. Wow such a beautiful narration and I loved the way you had set the whole plot. it seems you are a great story teller and I felt that I am listening a beautiful story while reading your post. one more thing, I think it is one of the best response to prompt. whole story completely justice the picture prompt. #Vdayblogtrain

  9. What a vivid imagination, Maya! I was totally engrossed in your story and started feeling for Ann and Myth and wanted for them to enter the book somehow. Loved the end! Now, I will keep a track if the pages of the book I leave open turn or not by themselves. Kudos for this story!

  10. What a gripping story! Now I know to keep my book open for Ann & Myth to wander in their search, hope they don’t get trapped in my books ..haha


  11. Hey…a little spooky but very enticing..u have a great sense of imagination…I felt for a small sec of time that it’s like Harry Potter…lovely work of words!!

  12. Maya, do you know what have you done? You just took me with you on a nice and a gripping tale ride. You are a great story teller. From now on, I am going to think of Ann and Myth Everytime I will open a book.

  13. uuuf! what a thought. I was dumbstruck by the ending note. What if it were really true? Then I would have character souls roaming around my house and in dozens. They might be having an exile party also…haha!

  14. ohh wow… a different level … even my nani used to tell me nor to leave books open… she told me Saraswati devi will fly away… but your imagination is superb. … this freshened the mood

    1. Yes i will surely work on the grammar part. I didn’t want to want to miss the blog train, hence finished the uploading part in a hurry. Thank you so much for pointing out.

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