Have you ever been grateful for being gifted with a safe family/friends circle and a peaceful life? If not, after reading ‘The Girl in the Forest’, you will be thankful for all the blessings you have in your life. While we take our life for granted, there are some others whose lives are traded for the sake of money.

Human trafficking is a serious threat prevailing in many parts of the world. The reason behind human trading could be are anything like forced labour,sexual slavery, extraction of organs etc. It’s a really dangerous threat to humans from humans.

Most of the time, people who are being traded never come back to tell their stories. But Anna was fortunate enough to be rescued by Thomas on right time.

Book Trailer

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A sad twist of the destiny catapults Anna, young Brazilian woman, into a reality greater than her.

Driven by desire to help and make the good, she’ll find herself slave of human trafficking gangs, in the hands of merciless torturers ready to sell her to the richest bidder.

Only using her cunning she’ll be able to escape, helped by the Swiss officer Thomas Graff, a man with an icy heart and past he can’t leave behind. The crash between two different cultures that will make sparks fly!

This is Anna’s story, undeservedly a victim like many other women. Among intrigues, betrayal, crimes and games of fate, the young lady will fight for freedom and love.


My Review

The title was very intriguing. But I never expected it to be something related to human trafficking. The description of Anna’s recovery in the hospital was very touching. While reading hospital scenes, I was turning pages on a faster pace so that Anna recover soon and tell her story to Thomas.

We all know, Switzerland is a beautiful Country. Especially villages and small towns in Switzerland are just adorable. Throughout the book, we feel that Swiss vibe. Since I read this book sitting in the neighbouring Country Austria, I just enjoyed the flow. Wait, I also liked the occasional mention of Austria in the story.

Not all debut novels come out this good. Congratulations to the Author for making a wonderful debut entry in the literary world.

What I liked about the book

  • Beautiful narration: I am not sure, if the English version (the book also has an Italian and Portuguese version) of the book was written by the Author herself or a translator. No matter what, the outcome is brilliant.
  • Dramatic climax: Actually the last moment drama at the Airport could have avoided easily. But, who doesn’t like little spice in the climax? I appreciate it.

What I didn’t like about the book

  • Slow pace: At some places, the narrative overpowered the story. The writing was indeed beautiful, but at some point in time, I really wanted the story to move ahead.
  • Too many admirers for Anna: I am not happy with the concept of extraordinary beauty of heroines attracting every other men coming into the scene. It sounds unrealistic.

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I recommend this book to all adults. Babies, please stay away for a while.

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Carmen Weiz

Carmen Weiz was born in Brazil in the seventies, from a German mother and an Italian father. She graduated in Architecture in São Paulo. For over ten years she lived in Italy, and has been living in Switzerland for last eight years. Encouraged by her mother, she became a great reader. Her passion for books and multiculturalism inspired this story.

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