Kerala is one such state in India that is adored by the entire world. I have always been a proud Keralite when people from other parts of the world ask me “Which place of India are you from?”

When I got to know about the #Xplorebharat blogging initiative organized by 11 fellow bloggers, I was so excited. This is a blog train where many talented bloggers write about different places in India. Each blog post is considered as a stop. Our train started at Wagha Border in Punjab, moved to the Capital City of Delhi and now we are going straight down to the South to a tiny place called Kanhangad in the state of Kerala.


Out of 14 districts, Kasaragod is the last and most neglected district of Kerala. It is located in the northern corner of the state. Kasaragod share borders with Mangalore (Mangaluru), the Gateway of Karnataka, in the village of Thalappady.

The Kanhangad town

Kanhangad is known as the Commercial hub of Kasaragod district. It is located about 30 km from the district headquarters (i.e Kasaragod town). Kanhangad is a historic place with rich culture. It is a land of temples, churches and mosques. People from different backgrounds live with utmost peace and harmony in this beautiful town.


Malayalam is the main language spoken here. Apart from that you will  get to see people speaking Kannada, Konkani (that’s my language) and Tulu.

Because of the growing immigrants from Bangladesh, a kind of Bengali mixed Hindi speaking people can also be seen in the town.

Nityananda Ashram

Nithyananda Ashram is a Cave temple situated on a hillock in Kanhangad. It was founded by Swamy Nithyananda who came to Kanhangad in the early 20th Century. He built 44 caves on the mountain slope for meditation. He was a great Yogi with divine powers. It is believed that he performed his first penance in a forest which is about 5km from Nithyananda Ashram. The forest was later named as Guruvanam. Some people believe him to be an incarnation of Lord Hanuman. They say, he used to jump from the ashram to Guruvanam in one go.

A full-size statue of Swami Nityananda in sitting posture made of panchaloha is one of the attractions of the ashramam. The caves are opened for visitors on particular hours of the day. I always loved to walk inside those caves. There is a Nithyananda temple built above the open terrace of the caves.

Nithyananda Ashram is at walkable distance from my home, hence we used to go there very often when I was a kid. The place is full of positive vibes. Few hours spent around this place surely calms our body and mind.


Guruvanam is the forest where Swami Nithyananda used to do his Sadhana (Meditation). There is a Nithyananda Swami temple in Guruvanam too. This place gives an experience of a beautiful landscape. Guruvanam is owned by Nityanandashram, Kanhangad.


As the name suggests, Anadashram is an Abode of Bliss. It is a spiritually blessed place. Swami Ramdas is the founder of Anadashram. People of any religion, caste, colour or gender can enter the ashram. There is no discrimination on any basis, it works on pure love and service to mankind. The main highlight of Anadashram is the ‘free food’ service they offer to every one staying in the Ashram as well to the daily visitors.

The spiritual chanting ‘Om Shree Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram’ could be heard in the Ashram throughout the day. However, visitors are under no compulsion to join them. The chanting is done continuosly from 6am to 6pm everyday.

The Ashram have their own Goshala. The milk so obtained is used in the Kitchen of Ashram Canteen. They also have a library with spiritual books in various languages. It is a vast place where you can spend a whole day without any worries. They also have free accommodation facilities for a limited period.

Bekal Fort

Remember the song, ‘uyire’ (Tamil)/ ‘Tu hi re’ (Hindi) from the movie Bombay?

Yes, you guessed it right. This was the place.

About 15 km in the outskirts of Kanhangad, we have the largest fort in Kerala. Bekal fort was built in 1650 AD over 40 acres of land. It was an important military station for Tipu Sultan when he led a military expedition to capture Malabar.

The Hanuman temple and an ancient  Mosque near Bekal fort glorify the religious harmony of the place.

When someone visits Kanhangad for the first time, we Kanhandians are always excited to take them to Bekal Fort and Beach. We are so proud of this fort. If you leave Kanhangad, without visiting Bekal, then your whole trip is considered as a waste. Bekal fort will gift you an amazing experience to treasure for a lifetime.

A photo captured in 2014

Bekal Beach Park

Just near to Bekal fort we have a beautiful park equally designed for children and adults. It’s a fun place. This sea side park promise a great family time in the weekends.

There are lot more places and stories related to Kanhangad. But I do not wish to drag this post. I will tell you the pending stories some other day ?. Also I have not used much photos in this post to avoid copyright issues. I will be updating this content on a later date with latest original photos of respective places.

“Today the #XploreBharat Blog Train has come to Kanhangad on Snapshot from the previous destination Delhi. The next stop of this #XploreBharat Blog Train is Dhwarka, Gujarat on Bloggers Diary.”

Till then, enjoy your stay in Kanhangad ?

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