Resolutions are for my kids too (Short Story)

“I am so happy that 2019 started on a good note. We will now live together for the rest of our life without any responsibilities.”

Shaila smiled. “Anupam, for your kind information, this is only your retirement. I am still working.”

“Oh yes, I totally forgot about your Orphanage work. How are things going there?” He asked.

Shaila was a Bank employee all her life. When Nikhil and Shreya got settled in their life, she quit her well paid Govt job and joined a newly started Orphanage near her house. This happened five years back when Anupam left for his official duty to one of the border states in the Country. His position as an Intelligence officer demanded more attention towards National security projects. He didn’t get time to sit and talk with Shaila about her sudden change of mind. Most of their regular communication happened via email during Anupam’s secret projects.

“It is not an Orphanage Anupam, it has a name – Bal Niketan. I have told you a hundred times.” She replied with a tint of anger.

“Ok, ok, I am sorry. Tell me how are things going in Bal Niketan?” He rephrased his question.

“As of now, we have fifty children in Bal Niketan out of which two kids are mine.” There was a sparkle in her eyes when she said that.

“Means?” Anupam got curious.

“Arjun and Bhavna. These two kids were abandoned at the door of Bal Niketan. I was the one who took them in my hands for the first time. They are three years old now and I am in complete charge of their upbringing.” She said with great pride.

“That’s great Shaila. I am really proud of what you are doing.” Anupam appreciated her wholeheartedly.

“How about taking a break from routine life and planning a long trip? Luckily, we both are in good health, Nikhil and Shreya too got settled in their life. Let us explore the world.” He asked knowing her passion for traveling during their younger days.

But Shaila surprised him with her answer. “I have taken a resolution to take care of Arjun and Bhavna in the best possible way I could, till the end of my life. They are just three years old. I cannot afford to leave them as of now. They are my kids Anupam.”

“But there are other people in the Institution to look after them. It’s been a long time, you didn’t live your own life. Why not take a resolution for yourself this time?” Anupam tried to convince her.

“Honey I grew up the kids – Resolutions not just for me, but my kids too.” She made it crystal clear.

Anupam was disappointed, but proud of his wife at the same time. He always respected her decisions. She was the greatest strength of his life.

He thought for a while and spoke, “Do you have vacancy  for a volunteer in Bal Niketan?” 

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64 Replies to “Resolutions are for my kids too (Short Story)”

  1. A fictional account, no matter how short, is not an easy thing to ace. But you managed to do just that with this wonderful piece. You have all the makings of a terrific storyteller. Keep writing more of these short, sweet, uplifting tales ?

  2. You have that spark in you, trust me never stop writing. I loved this post a lot, I love people who write and try to engage the readers in their post. I personally loved the last line “It Stole My Heart.”
    #vigorousreads #blogtrain #NYR2019 #Newyear_bloghop
    P.s. I’m your subscriber now 🙂

  3. Maya, that’s a wonderful way of addressing an important issue. People like them can bring about a change in this world. Loved your short story and the message brought out by it!

  4. This was a beautiful story with a message. I particularly liked the chemistry that you have portrayed between the old couple. I hope more people think on these lines in the real world.

  5. Maya… tum khati kyaa ho? Seriously! Such an out of the world take on the prompt and you aced it!
    A very touching eye opener. It will linger in my mind for long.

  6. You have highlighted a serious issue in this short tale. Orphan children are somehow ignored from the mainstream, I hope more think like Shaila and Anupam

  7. Such a heartwarming story Maya. We need more people like Shaila and Anupam too who stood by his wife and support her in the cause. Thanks for being apart of this blog train 🙂

  8. Wow….loved it. How beautifully you weaved your words around the prompt and gave it a form of a story. wonderful. Shaila seems to be a very emotional person and I am glad that Anupam understands her emotions and is ready to support her in her decision. Happy to have you on this blog train.

    1. Yes I wish every family adopts a child so that we have no orphans in our country. But at the same time it is very difficulty for people to think beyond khoon ka rishta and khaandhan kind of stuffs

  9. wow loved the story and its really great that you had choosen to write a story instead of writing a post. love the way you had potrayed the characters.

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