Have you experienced the SMS era some seven years back from now? In fact, that was the time when mobile phones started getting popular among common people. Why hens at Years is a story that happened in the year 2012. Most of the conversations between the protagonists Yeshwanth and Sreya happened through SMS. It gives that nostalgic feel when we used to text our dear ones and wait to hear the phone beep with their reply.

Story outline

Yeshwanth used to like Sreya back from his school days, but never got the courage to propose her. After school days, they became friends on facebook and that’s how their conversation started. Yeshwanth was a sincere lover and puts all his efforts in convincing Sreya. Did Sreya accept his proposal? What were the obstacles in their love story? Was their love story successful?

Why hens at years

My Review

‘Why hen at Years’ – I was wondering what that means. It is a weird title any book could have. I literally googled the meaning of this thing before starting to read the book. The title is interesting enough to create curiosity in the mind of a reader. Anyhow, you get to know its meaning at the end of the story. This was one reason I stayed hooked till the end of the book.

I loved the way how protagonist Yeshwanth was portrayed throughout the book. His love for Ilayaraja songs and his sincere love for Sreya was very heart touching. On the other hand, Sreya is shown as a confused character. Her emotions were mixed with many other blind beliefs. They believed in their own rights and wrongs which created negative impacts in their love story.

Basically, this is a teenage love story inspired by the author’s own experiences. I don’t think we should ever judge a relationship when it happens around the age of 13-20. That is a very tender age to understand life. Some relationships may have a long life and some won’t. And that is completely fine.

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What I liked about Why hens at Years?

  • Beautiful narration. Author and his editor have done a great job here.
  • The idea of a unique title. I enjoyed solving it.
  • Protagonist’s (Yeshwanth) self-commentary in every situation.

Something like this ?

“So Yeshwanth, what do you want?”

“I…I” with a pause I ordered, “Milk… with Sugar”

I am really ashamed of myself when I think of how dumb I was. Even the girl from the next table looked at me, stunned. Milk with sugar, how lame!

What I did not like about Why hens at Years?

  • Incomplete climax. I think certain instances could have explained in a better and logical way.
  • The character Sreya didn’t look convincing to me. Her role had a lot of scope for improvement.

Raja Raja Cholan Naan,

Yennai Aalum Kaadhal Desam Nee Dhan,


My Rating


This is a light read Rom-Com and if you are interested in Romantic novels, do give it a try. You can purchase the book right here (affiliate link)

Yeswanth Kakarla


Yeshwanth, an addict of his friends & Hollywood TV series, started writing accidentally. This is his first Rom-Com novel which was inspired from the events he has experienced and especially from the TV series he has watched like ‘Friends,’ ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ and ‘Game of Thrones’, etc. He is an Engineering graduate, and now, he works for an MNC.

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