From Nothing to Something – Completing One Year of Blogging

I cannot really believe that my blog is officially turning ONE in January 2019. It was in last December I started thinking about self-hosting. I talked about it to my Cousin who is the go-to person for tech-related matters. He happily offered me to help with my self-hosting. It was all set by the first week of January. Though I was not much aware of the benefits of self-hosting, the thought of getting ownership of my blog made me so happy. All thanks to Sandeep, my Cousin for the wonderful setup. So that’s how official Snapshot was born on 5th January 2018.

The Beginning

When I started, it was all about writing short stories. My very first stories An Unread Autobiography and Fear of death were heartily welcomed by my then readers, some of my close friends. Every small word of appreciation meant a lot to me (means a lot even today) when I started off with this new journey with Snapshot.

If I have to name some of my initial motivators, the first one will be obviously my husband. He was the one who pushed me to start something that I would love to do. I knew I wanted to write, but how and where to do it was still a question mark. And this is how I came up with the idea of starting a blog.

Then comes some really sweet friends of mine who had the patience to read every single word I scribbled on my blog. To name a few I would pick my Amchi (refers to my mother tongue Konkani/Amchigelle) friends, Soumya Pai and Vaishali Prabhu, college buddies Hashira Hakeem and Jasheela Ansar, my school friends Tweena and Sameera. These were (they still are) my loyal readers ? and motivators. Those days I used to spam every other person’s Whatsapp inbox with my blog posts. Thank you so much for that support guys ☺️?. And thanks to every single person who made this journey happier. Please do not take it to heart if I missed to mention your name.

The journey from Short stories to Book Blogging

As mentioned above Snapshot was created with the sole intention of writing short stories. But as we know, only a good reader can become a good writer and my reading habits were really weak back then. So I decided to start reading on a regular basis. But being an expat, I really didn’t want to buy physical books and pile up additional luggage when we leave the place. So KINDLE was the best option for me to start with. When I bought my Kindle, I had no idea it would open a brand new world for me. Here are 10 Reasons why you should consider investing in Kindle if you don’t have one. I will never ever regret buying my Kindle. It’s really a sweetheart. If you are thinking to purchase a Kindle any time soon, check the link below (affiliate link).

Well, I diverted a bit from the main topic. Yes, that’s how the reading journey started. So now I had to find some good books to read, i.e I had to google them. While hunting for book recommendations, I got to know that I can also write about books, just like those giving book recommendations were doing. My idea was to simply document my reading experience. I was very much inspired by two book bloggers: Tavleen Kaur from Travelling Through Words and Mridula from Ecstatic Yet Chaotic. They are doing some really great work out there. Do check their blogs. They also have a wonderful bookstagram account.

Noteworthy improvement in writing style

There is no doubt that my writing style has improved a lot in this one year. My very first book review The Secret Wish List by Preethi Shenoy and one of my recent book reviews Elephants in the Room by Suraj Laxmi Narayan clearly shows the improvement. It is just that, the more you read, the better you write.

Just in case, if you don’t have a reading habit and want to start just like I did, read my article 7 ways to start reading books which was published on a literary website Writersmelon a few months back.

Blog Monetization

As time passed, I got to learn various aspects of blogging. I realized that my blog is no more just a hobby to me. Knowingly or unknowingly I was taking my blog to the next level. I didn’t even realize that I was turning to a Soloprenuer. I started researching every possible way to monetize my blog as well as to improve my contents.

Just like a typical blogger, I started with Google Adsense for blog monetization. But later realized that it is not a great idea to irritate the readers with useless ads. So I don’t use ads now although Google still permits me to do so.

Not that I am earning huge money from my blog, but I do charge for some services I provide and I have started focusing on affiliate marketing lately.

Evergreen Learning

Blogging transformed me into an evergreen learner. I learn something new every single day. Ever since I started blogging, I wake up with a new hope every morning. We consume a lot of internet in our daily life. But it feels great to be a creator on the Internet. Looking from another side of the fence sometimes gives a better view of how things really work there.

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence. Click To Tweet

Blogger Friends and communities

Just as in every other field, here too we have a community. A blogger’s community that helps each other to grow. I would have never known gems like Sonia Chatterjee, Chirasree Bose etc if not through blogging. Sonia turned out to be a close friend by now and we even had a phone call recently. Really looking forward to having a bloggers meet someday soon.

I am grateful to every single person whom I know in my blogging circle for giving me something or the other to learn every time.

Plans for 2019

I have some interesting plans for my Blog in 2019 which I will be sharing in my next blog post. Stay tuned with Snapshot and Keep supporting.

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  1. Hey Congratulations Maya. This is my first time I came across your blog and congratulations for completing one successful year with your snapshot. I wish you a lot more years of success through this blog and keep writing and inspiring us.!!

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