Ruskin Bond is one of the most loved authors of India. I was longing to read his books from a very long time. When I saw ‘Unhurried tales’ on kindle deals at just Rs.9, I grabbed my copy without a second thought. It is a collection of eight novellas by Ruskin Bond.

1. Time stops at Shamli
2. Bus stop, Pipalnagar
3. The Last Tiger
4. Angry River
5. The Blue Umbrella
6. Night of the Leapord
7. Tales of Fosterganj
8. Afterward: A long walk with Ruskin.

All these novellas are otherwise available as separate books. I am super happy that I got all the eight novellas in one go.

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The Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella is a story of a ten year old girl Binya, who falls in love with a Blue silk Umbrella. That blue umbrella belonged to a lady who came from the city to visit Binya’s village. Binya wanted the umbrella so badly that she gave away her lucky leopard’s claw pendant in exchange for that umbrella. The story begins when people in the village enviously look at Binya for possessing that beautiful Blue Umbrella.

The whole scene is set in a Himalayan village which is a common thing in Ruskin Bond stories. He gives a Himalayan touch to all of his stories.

Reading Ruskin Bond stories is a unique experience. They are beautifully penned and leaves a smile on reader’s face. The Blue Umbrella is a children’s story, but it equally entertains adults.

Have you read any Ruskin Bond stories? Which is your favourite?

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