My new found love for Instagram is making me write this article. I have been on Instagram for an year now. But truly speaking, I knew nothing about the working of Instagram till a month ago. But now I am in love with the platform. I learned a lot of things about Instagram in the past few days which I am eager to share with you.

Instagram is the most creative platform where you can showcase your talent and find people with same level of madness. Like, not only as in blogging, in any area of interest. It is just that you need to know the ‘hashtag’ game. Well, hashtags are yet another area of discussion. Will look into it some other day. Let us now discuss about ‘Micro-Blogging on Instagram’.

What is Micro-Blogging?

Writing a post with limited word count is called micro-blogging. In simple terms, blogging with fewer words.

How Micro-Blogging helps?

  • For a person who is not confident enough to start a regular blog, micro-blogging on Instagram could be a great practice. Once you are good enough to convey your message through the limited space available in Instagram caption (It allows 2200 characters), you can think of taking it to a higher level.
  • If you already have a blog and you are trying to build an audience through Instagram, then you need to give them a glimpse of your blog post. If you simply say ‘Link in the bio’, believe me, nobody will care. Unless you are an established blogger and people really die to read your posts, do not expect them to go to your profile and find that so called link. Instead write a small description about your content and arouse curiosity in the minds of readers.
  • It would be great if you can come up with well curated posts on Instagram with a call to action note for the readers. Encourage readers to interact with your posts by asking them a question at the end of the post. That is what I mean by ‘call to action’.

Why Micro-blogging on Instagram?

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform as of now. Do not consider Instagram as just another Social Media. It is a very powerful platform with enormous areas of possibilities. People have businesses which run solely on Instagram, there happens collaborations and not the least, you can even get paid to post on Instagram. Sounds similar to blogging right? But to reach that level, you need to invest some time and build a strong followers base.

Instagram is filled with creative people. I recently found a bunch of friends on Instagram and they have a great role in my sudden improvement on the platform. We are now a team looking forward to do many interesting collaborations. I just wanted to share this happy thing with you ☺️.

Coming back to Micro-Blogging, it will help you build your voice on this beautiful platform. Once people start interacting with you, possibilities of them wanting to read your blog post increases to a great extent.

Bonus tips

  • Not all creative Instagrammers are Bloggers. If you are a blogger, you are really an inspiration for them. So give them a reason to land on your space.

  • The main idea behind creating Instagram was to encourage photography. Hence the images you post really play an important role on Instagram. When you post an image related to your content, make it look interesting. Invest time in editing the picture before you post. Even though we say content is the king, what if people return just by seeing a not-so-good image you use to represent your content? Makes sense right?

Use hashtags

I cannot conclude the post without saying this. Instagram caption allows you to type 2200 characters (not words) in which you can include maximum 30 hashtags. Make use of those hashtags. Find which hashtags are suitable for your niche. Remember, Instagram is very hashtag friendly and using right hashtags can open wide opportunities for your content.

This was just a basic idea about micro-blogging on Instagram. Did you learn anything new here?

Do you want me to write more posts about Instagram strategies for bloggers? No, I am not an expert, but I love to share new ideas as and when I learn them.

Do share your views and ideas in the comments section.

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