10 Reasons why every reader should consider investing in a Kindle E-reader

E-books are gaining popularity in the market every passing day. Most authors today prefer E-publishing to traditional publishing. The whole process is pocket friendly as well as time saving. Since Amazon Kindle is the most popular E-reader, there are as many Kindle editions of books releasing every day.

When it comes to readers, paperbacks remain to be their eternal love. And why not? After all paperbacks are awesome. E-books cannot replace the feeling of satisfaction readers get while holding a book. But some smart decisions can change your life to a great extent.

Reading E-books, doesn’t mean you are doing injustice to your paperbacks. It is just that you are exploring the new world of books. If you love books, kindle should be a part of your life along with physical books. Here are few reasons to consider investing in a kindle device.

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1. Light weight

Kindle is much lighter compared to physical books. A basic kindle weighs around 210 grams. It will be a boon when you are on a travel and you want your books beside you. Since Kindle can store thousands of books, you will have the luxury to read from a huge pile, rather than carrying one or two books with you.

2. Vast storage

A basic Kindle with 3GB storage can hold upto 4000 books (even more depending on the length of books). Just Imagine, 4000 Books !!!!!

Unless you have a huge space in your house, will it be ever practical to store that much physical books in your book shelves ??? Then why not consider a little space for Kindle in your drawer?

Also wherever you go, you can carry this tiny sized huge portable library with you as I mentioned earlier.

3. Glare free screen

You may have Kindle App in your phone/tablet where you read Kindle books. But at the end of the day, long screen time is only going to harm your eyes. Kindle device uses E-Ink technology which keeps its screen completely glare free and eyes friendly. It is exclusively designed for reading purpose.

4. Pocket Friendly

Who doesn’t love to save few bucks especially when it is your hard earned money? You get Kindle editions at almost half the price of paperbacks, sometimes even cheaper when there is Kindle deals going on.

The Kindle device is also pocket friendly. Note, here we are talking about the basic kindle. A Basic Kindle will cost you just Rs.5999 and during festival season you can grab it for Rs. 4999. Just give a look here.

5. Free Books

Kindle books are cheaper compared to physical books. In addition to that Kindle offers a huge bunch of free books for its customers. You can simply read them at your leisure, free of cost.

6. Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited works like a library. You need to pay a subscription fees and it allows you to borrow books. You can borrow 10 books at a time. As and when you return them, you can borrow more books. If your subscription period ends in between, the books will automatically disappear from your device. Monthly subscription will cost you just Rs.199. They also have yearly and half yearly subscription options.

7. Adjustable Font size

Sometimes you may come across books that have very small fonts. You can consider reading them on kindle where you can adjust the font size according to your eyes’ taste. Isn’t it a cool feature?

8. Inbuilt dictionary

This is the most unique feature of a Kindle e-reader. Whenever you come across an unfamiliar word, what you need to do is just long press on that word and ta-da….. the inbuilt dictionary will pop up with the meaning. You need not google it or run for a physical dictionary around your house (I know, nobody does that now-a-days ?). But yes, for that you should have your WiFi connected.

9. Convenience

You need not wait for days to get your favourite book delivered nor you need to search in book stores for months to find that particular book. Kindle books are just a few clicks away from your reach. Select, pay and grab your copy. That’s it .

10. Highlight Notes

Kindle allows you to highlight words/paragraphs just like you do in your physical books. But the only difference is you need not go back to those pages and search for your highlited paragraphs. There is a Notes section in Kindle where you can get all the highlighted areas at one place. When you click on them, it will take you to the respective pages.

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I can go on writing about Kindle, but let me stop here.

So these were some relevant reasons why you should consider investing in a Kindle E-reader. Some people do not even consider e-books as books. That is because they have never used a Kindle. Once you start using Kindle, you will love it just like you love your paperbacks.

So when are you going to buy your Kindle?? In case you wish to purchase one, click on the link below

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And those who own a kindle, do share your experience. Do you agree that Kindle should also be a reader’s best friend?

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84 Replies to “10 Reasons why every reader should consider investing in a Kindle E-reader”

  1. And #11, my book is only available on Kindle 😀
    Jokes apart, my reason was switching to Kindle was that I was running out of shelf space for books at home. I thought I would miss paper books but it’s actually not too bad

  2. To a bookworm, there is no greater pleasure in life than diving into a good book. Although many people still prefer good old paper books, digital natives and people who travel a lot love their ebooks and e-readers. Ebook readers have come a very long way since Amazon’s first Kindle came out in 2007. Amazon still offers the widest range of e-readers, which includes the humble Kindle and the Rolls Royce of e-readers, the Kindle Oasis. Of course, there are other great e-readers the iPad from Apple of which I am a huge fan of.

  3. I have shared a suggestion with Amazon, that they should add the ‘new book fragrance’ to Kindle, and watch it flying off the shelves post that!:)
    As a voracious reader, I am all for Kindle, and have a similar post on my blog as well. Don’t know why it gets such bad press though!

  4. My Kindle Paperwhite totally revolutionized my way of reading. It is so much better now. Those, who crinkle noses at the mention of E-books, are kind of nerve-grating.

  5. For long I was a part of the band wagon, who boasted about loving the smell of paper of a book. But then I was gifted a kindle and since then I havn’t stopped using it. For me the most convenient part is that I dont have to worry about my kids tearing it off. That ways I can read much more.

  6. I absolutely agree with you and I love my Kindle, even though I love reading hardcovers and paperbacks too, but Kindle is much superior in terms of portability, accessibility and ease of use. Just completed The Woman in the Window by A J Fynn, and it is fabulous.

  7. I feel I can never read books on a digital device. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t. Maybe I love the feeling of having a book in my hand and turning actual pages lol!

  8. I love my Kindle Whitepaper and cant think of travelling without it.This said, I am not very fond of Kindle Unlimited though.I feel it lacks options.How about you?

    1. I am yet to read so many titles. So as of now I find it great. ? But yes I subscribe only if I feel I will be reading so many books in that particular month. Else I don’t

  9. Im old school when it comes to reading but here, in Poland it’s a challenge to find the English books to read so recently installed Kindle and enjoying it. Valid points mentioned, Maya.

        1. Wao that’s great !! Salzburg is a beautiful place. You will many Indian tourists there…. Vienna is full of Indians I guess. You will find so many…

          I live in Graz btw.

    1. Gadget life is unknown though.. I am using it for one year now. Also one of my friend have mentioned in the comments that she has been using it since 2014. Still, longevity is a question mark ??

  10. I tried to purchase a Kindle many times now decided not to. I don’t know why call be old-school or something else I just cannot find that connect and feel the smell of pages give me in a kindle! All my friends moved to kindle and its not that I didn’t give it a try but when i did i did not feel that connect!

  11. As the author of an e-book, I definitely agree with you and vouch for these reasons. As a reader, my vote will always be for paperbacks. For me, nothing matches the feel and smell of a book,something that kindle can never match up to..Conflict of interest.

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