Shifting from one city to another is not always an easy go thing. Even being adults we find it very difficult to leave everything behind and move to a new place. It is not always about the place, it is about the memories, the friends and all the good things that happened to us in that place. At the same time we also know that it will be fine in a few days and we will move on with the flow of life.

But kids are not like that. It takes them much more time to cope up with new situations of life. They are very sensitive to change. Same was the case with Ria.

Ria was very upset by the thought of moving to another city. She was very attached to her best friends Aesha and Tanvi. She feared if she could make friends in the new city. She was also very nervous thinking of her new school.

Read ‘A Girl in the New Town‘ to find out Ria’s feelings when she had to move out of a city where she had spent first 8 years of her life.

Author : Alpana Deo

Publication Date : 14 May 2018

Format : Kindle

My Review

Children around 7-10 years of age will love this simple read. The story is full of positive vibes. If someone is planning to shift from one city to another and have a kid in the house, make him/her read this story. It will make the kid feel better and help him/her to overcome the stress of moving to a new place. Even otherwise it is an easy and interesting read for a kid around that age.

The story is well penned by the author using very simple language. Kids who are comfortable with basic english vocabulary will find it easy to grasp.

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Some Personal Thoughts

I found every character in the book being flawless. Ria and other children of her age in the story were very well behaved, obidient and understanding. I know, the book is written for kids and meant to show them all the positive sides of relationships with parents, friends, neighbors etc. But it would have been little realistic if the kids were portrayed as not so perfect.

My Rating

3.5/5 stars

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Alpana Deo

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