“I am done with my life Ananth. I don’t feel any purpose to live in this world. Nobody needs me. And I know it’s all my fault.” She finally opened up her mind. Ananth let out a sigh of relief.

Being a counselor, this was the first case where it took him months to get a response from the patient. Rather not a patient, she was his college mate Saumya.

She continued,”two miscarriages, a failed relationship, the career crash and finally I lost my parents who were my only support pillars.” Even tears refused to drop down from her eyes.

Ananth tried to imagine himself in her situation. He felt the pain. He felt helpless. But he was not sitting there to feel people’s pain. His duty was to help them overcome mental stress.

“I understand Saumya, but attempting for suicide is not a solution for any problem in life. I remember you were a strong girl back in college. You were one among the smartest students in the whole campus.” He tried to bring back some confidence in her.

“Those were my golden days. But life taught me much more than that.” She looked away.

Ananth was really happy that she started responding. She was in a depression from the past three months. Silence is sometimes dangerous unless you are not dumb. Many more sessions were required to bring her to a normal condition. But now at least there is a ray of hope.

“Look at this picture carefully Saumya; he pointed towards a frame on the wall.


You can see a person riding the horse towards the right. Do you think this picture can be placed in an upside down position?” He took a psychological move.

She observed the picture carefully and said. “Oh yes, This picture can be placed upside down too. Then the horse will be seen riding towards left.”

“Same applies for life. We cannot always ride it right. Sometimes taking a turn and moving towards the left becomes very necessary Saumya. I know you have lost so many things which cannot be replaced. But if you are willing to take a turn, you will surely find a new purpose in life.” Saying this he tried to study the expressions on her face.

He saw a positive sparkle in her eyes. She was ready for a detailed session. She said, “The picture looks hopeful.”

There was a peaceful silence in the room. She looked outside the window. The sun was about to set letting out a ray of hope for the next morning.

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