Some books disturb our thoughts for a while and this was one of such books for me. It took me more than expected time to finish this book.

Note: Valentine has two parts, the second part is yet to release. So this is the review of first part. Also at the end of this review we have some chit chat with the Author, Elliott Morreau.

Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Crime

Length: 404 pages

Available formats: Paperback, Kindle

Well, let me tell you what this novel is all about.

Valentine is a story of two high school lovebirds Lia and Jack, who had to run away from their homes when one of them commits a murder. Murder of Lia’s father, Mr. Landon.

Lia is a child like teenager who was abused by her now-dead father. Jack had a past record of being with so many girls before Lia. He was also a known football player.

Meanwhile Police officers find Mr.Landon’s dead body in a pathetic condition. His wife, son and daughter (Lia) were missing. There was only a nanny in the house.

Two men came forward to help Jack and Lia cross the borders of Vancouver (Canada). They were taken to a town called Coalfields. It is believed to be a place where all kind of criminals fit in. People like Lia and Jack were saved from the police encounters and taken to this place to work for a life time without any pay. Little did they know Coalfields was not less than another prison. All they wanted was an escape from the present situation.

The whole story is written as if it is narrated by God sitting between the stars in the sky. There is also a dark figure that appears from no where whenever Lia tries to make love with Jack. Lia believes it is her dead father.

My Review

This book shows most of the dark issues that exist in this world. Abuse, rape, corruption, murder etc. Hence it was a disturbing read through out. May be the author has intentionally kept it that way.

It is a sad as well as a shocking fact that in many parts of the world, girls are taught to live a life satisfying the sexual desires of men, no matter who the man is. They are forced to stay dependent on men and learn nothing by themselves. They finally grow up believing that it is the right way of living a life. Lia grew up in a similar circumstance where she was suppressed by none other than her own father. Hence she has a lot of personality issues. She even has a soft corner for her abusive father. She is not able to distinguish between right and wrong.

At the age of sixteen/seventeen, people have career goals. Here Jack and Lia are thinking to make babies !! Protagonists need some improvement. I hope they grow up in the next part.

Writing style of the author is quite good and the book is well edited.

Since this book has a second part, most of the characters remain unexplained. This gives many hope for the next release.

Expecting each member of Lia’s family to be explained in next part. Also hope the two police officers Claudia and Rich who are on their way to Coalfields reach there on time.

My Rating


Looking forward for the second part with great hope.

Any person who thinks s/he is mature enough to read about stuffs like sex, abuse etc can give this book a try. Babies stay away.

Here is the link to buy the book: Amazon

Before we conclude let us have a chit chat with the Author.

Hello Elliott, Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Canadian, twenty-one years old, and currently am enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Royal. I have a high school sweetheart as a fiancée, and we live comfortably with two rabbits named Leo and Gamble.

Is this your debut novel?

This is my debut novel. While I had quite a few to choose to publish, I decided to pursue the Valentine series.

Do you have any writing space on internet (eg: Blog, website)?

If you’re interested in keeping up with me, you can find me on my

Facebook Page or Twitter

And if you’re interested in my in-depth analysis of novels, subscribe to my Youtube Channel

Have you done any research before writing this book or is it a mere work of imagination?

I think my research came from the premise as Lia and Jack, while fictional, have many parts / issues that my fiancée and I went through and have grown from together—most notably the whole premise of two people being thrown to the wind, forced to really function together and learn and build, whether we wanted to or not.

How long did you take to write this book?

This novel took about three years to write, with one year of revisions. I originally wrote the novel when I was sixteen, set it down, and returned to it with a fire, completely dismantling the novel and re-writing it from the ground up. It’s been a long journey, of which I’ve grown as an author—exciting to say the least.

Who is your favourite character in this book?

That’s a great question! I’d have to say I love the narrator God. I think he’s witty, and I really enjoyed writing the scenes where God contemplates Lia, humanity, and his obsession with the dark figure.

What was the hardest part in writing this story?

On a personal level, I think the hardest part in writing this story was touching certain suggestive themes and flaws within the characters (Lia especially) that didn’t feel overly suggestive or inappropriate. Especially these days where people are very sensitive to what you say, you have to be very delicate with how you display certain suggestive / hard to talk about themes.

Which two books (other than yours) will you recommend to a reader if asked for a recommendation?

This is an easy one! The stand by Stephen King, and the novel Jacques the Fatalist and his Master. A novel, I attribute as inspiration for Valentine.

When can we expect the second part?

The second part is done! Now it’s off to editing, I’ve made a bet with my editor to have that part finished by July 1st. . . I’m excited but scared, as I’m very meticulous with how I do my revisions, and how I want Valentine to come across. . . BUT IT SHALL BE DONE! I have set a release date of December this year.

Any last words for the readers?

I love feedback, and I’m very critical of myself as an author. . . If you feel like setting Valentine on fire, and tossing it against a wall—tell me. . .

And I’ll make sure to perfect my craft!

Thank you Elliott for answering these questions ?

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