“Ten years !! You made me wait for ten years Prabha…”

She smiled.

“It was not easy for me either Anand. I missed you.”

Meanwhile they heard some noise outside the room.

“We should leave now Prabha. Let us start a new journey before someone enters the room.”

“I wish to see Anirudh before we leave.” She said.

“I don’t think you should dear. This is not the time. You have done all your duties for him. Gave him everything he needed. You made him what he is today. But now, now it’s time to leave.” He sighed!

It was not easy for her. She wanted to cry, but tears couldn’t roll down from her eyes.

He sensed her feelings. “I know it is not easy for you Prabha. It was not easy for me either ten years back. I felt I was the worst husband and father who could do nothing for my family. I left you when you needed me the most. I left you with nothing. Yet you stood strong. I am proud of you dear.”

She wanted to speak, but words refused to flow from her mouth. She felt colder as seconds passed, but her hands refused to move towards the blanket. She was getting thirsty, but her eyes couldn’t search for water. Finally she had no choice than to surrendered to her body. She went into deep sleep.

She left the world forever.

He smiled.

“Ten years !! You made me wait for ten years Prabha. We couldn’t live together for long years. We couldn’t be as lucky as other couples. But our eternal love will remain in this world forever. Come let me take you to another world.”

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