I was waiting for my friend in a cafe. She was stuck somewhere in the traffic. So I ordered a cold coffee to kill time.

A young couple sitting at the table next to me caught my attention while I was sipping my coffee. It seemed like they were on their first date. They were looking into each other’s eyes as if there was no world around them. They made no conversation, yet their eyes spoke a lot. They smiled for no reason. They enjoyed their food without even commenting a word about it. They were completely into the moment and enjoyed every bit of it.

I observed them for a while. I wondered how? How that worked? Not even a single word !!! How can someone just look at each other, smile, eat and walk out from a restaurant without even uttering a word? What is the point if there is no conversation in a relationship? My thoughts started travelling aimlessly.

As the couple started to move out after paying their bill, I saw the guy’s wallet dropping on the floor without his knowledge. I instantly went and picked it up.

“Excuse me, you missed your wallet”. I said softly, expecting him to look back. But may be my voice was low and he didn’t hear me. I called him again a bit louder “EXCUSE ME, YOU MISSED YOUR WALLET”. This time the people sitting around started staring, but the couple still didn’t look back.

Meanwhile a waiter came running to me and said. “Give me that wallet ma’am, I will hand over it to that guy. Actually, both of them are deaf. They can’t hear you.”

I was completely at a loss of words. It is a strange feeling when we come to know something unexpected about people. Especially when we already drew a picture in our mind and then come to know that the entire picture was wrong.

By the time, my friend arrived and I went back to my table.

I wish, the couple have many more ‘Silent Dates’ in future. In this world of un necessary noises and distractions, aren’t they lucky enough to have a peaceful life?

Stay tuned with Snapshot. See you soon with a Book Review post. Till then stay happy ❤☺.

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