Why do people Gossip?

Interesting topic right? ?

Before we start, let me ask you something. Have you ever gossiped about others? Or Have you ever become a victim of gossip?

Barely does anyone agree that they gossip. After all, have you ever heard a thief saying ‘I am a thief”? For the other question, obviously you may have a lot of stories to narrate, isn’t it?

Gossip generally means:

  • Talking negative things about people when they are not around.
  • Spreading rumors about people.

Gossiping takes different shapes and forms depending upon the types of gossipers. So let us take a trip around our society and find out the type of gossipers that exist.

1.The Innocent Gossiper

Every gossiper is innocent in the beginning. These are the random people who happen to take a seat in the midst of Expert Gossipers (EG). As of such they do not have any idea about what EGs are discussing about. But some how, they also get a membership in the community and start contributing. The EG community is smart enough to train such random people who do not have control over their minds.

They use only two words initially:

“is it?……… oh, is it?……. I see…… oh, really?”

2. The Disclaimer Gossiper

These people try to play a safe game. They always put disclaimers and a reference in their statement.

” See, I do not know anything about this OK, I heard Mr/Mrs x say so”

3. The Neglected Adviser

Knowledge is power. Sharing is caring. There are some people in the society who knows everything in this universe. Also it is not possible for them to stay away from advising you. If you ignore these knowledgeable babas, this is what they say when something goes wrong in your life:

“I told you not to do that course, see now you are Jobless.”

“I was sure this is going to happen, but you always ignore my words.”

The only problem with these people are that they just could not figure out what is happening in their own life. But they are well updated with every other’s life.

4. The Spy

Beware of these people. They will attack you with so many questions. They are the ones running short of news to broadcast on their channel. You are their present target. The questions will follow with some advise and stories they have collected from other sources so that you feel like they are concerned for you.

“Are you dating some one?”

“Why are you not getting married?”

“Why are you not having kids?”

Whatever you answer them will be broadcasted on their gossip channels adding some extra spice to it.

5. The Creepy Gossiper

These are a set of seriously annoying people. They can gossip about anything under the Sun. They can’t stand;

  • People achieving any sort of success in life.
  • Any one having a conversation with opposite gender.
  • Any sort of dressing style different from theirs.
  • People having good relationships with others.

Well, these are some types of gossipers I found around me till date. What kind of people have you come across?

If you are thinking that gossiping is the trademark of women, you need to update your General Knowledge thoroughly. Just like women, men also gossip. And again if you are thinking gossips happen among less educated groups or so, you are once again mistaken. Even highly educated people spread gossips.

Now it is time to analyze, what could be the possible reasons behind gossiping?

1.To Feel Satisfied

Gossip is a passion for some people. They get a kind of self satisfaction while criticizing others.

2. To Get Over Insecurities

Most of the time gossiping is done to hide their own fears and insecurities. When people see others achieving something which they wished to but couldn’t, the best way they choose to hide their insecurities is gossip.

3. To Spoil Relationships

It may be the time when they have a bad day with their friends, partners, neighbors etc. Now whenever they see some one else happy in their relationships, what could be the best way other than spreading a gossip, to break them?

4. To Feel Important

They think they become important to the other person when they contribute a gossip. Without thinking of the further consequences, they keep blabbering just to feel important among people. A sense of heroism peeps into them while doing so.

5. Scarcity of Topics

Some people do not know that there is an option to remain silent when you have nothing to discuss. But they just want to keep going. And when there is nothing productive to discuss, gossip always comes handy.


How do you feel when you hear a gossip about you?

Do share in the comment section below.

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See you soon with another post. Till then stay happy 🙂

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15 Replies to “Why do people Gossip?”

  1. Interesting to know about Gossip. I have done this and trying to get rid of them. In society i have heard many gossips all around me. It is very difficult to come out of it…

    1. Yes happens when we live in a society of narrow minded people. Knowingly or unknowingly sometimes we also become a part of it.

      Focus on other positive things in life and try to stay away from people who gossip. Read good books ☺️

  2. Your post is a timely reminder not to gossip. I don’t like to and I try not to, but sometimes I realise with a start that I have been listening to gossip. It’s that easy. It’s a horrid mean, dehumanising thing to do.

  3. An interesting subject Maya . Gossip is commonly found menace in the society. While few are fond of initiating gossips , others prefer to carry over to others. Some mutely enjoy it. But all these category never bother to verify the fact or source to ascertain it’s credibility which is the worst face of gossip. It could bring unforeseen disasters to the individuals, to the society and even to the people at large. It’s the most condemnable habitude which is neither to be encouraged, spread or lend ears to it. But to eradicate it from habit could be a task as it existed along with human race from its existence.

    1. True. Actually an idle mind is the hub of gossips. So everyone should be taught to keep themselves busy in any productive activity from the very young age.

  4. Interesting post. Yes we used to gossip as kids until teenage but gradually came over it realizing that minding ones own business brought in more positivity and development in ones own life. Luckily all my friends were well wishers so we flocked well together in the interest of one another.

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