It’s almost been a month you did not hear from me. It happens to all of us that sometimes an important project/situation turns up and we have to concentrate on that for a while. A little compromise with our blog becomes necessary during that time. Even otherwise, I feel bloggers should take blogging break once in a while. It really helps in boosting our energy and also

Every blogger knows the drawback of leaving a blog unattended for a certain period. That’s why some bloggers shout out for Guest posts when they plan to take a break. I did not feel like doing so, because I had nothing to promise them in return. So all what I did during these days were, read my fellow bloggers and search for new ideas and techniques for my future posts.

I learned many things during my blogging break that can add value to my blog. Thought of sharing some of them with you guys.

1. Why breaks are important?

Blogging breaks work similar to power naps. It boosts our productivity. But make sure that the nap doesn’t transform to a deep sleep.

2. Does Blog theme really matter?

I have been observing one of my favourite blog for so many days. After a detailed theme tour, I found an almost similar theme like her’s.

So yes, work on themes. It does matter. A good-looking blog impress people, especially those outside the blogosphere. Set a good theme that suits your niche. I feel Magazine themes are great for multiple niche blogs. What do you think?

3. Is it time for a break up with Google pictures?

I have used a lot of pictures from Google for my featured images and in my stories. When I learned about the copyright issues, I started using PowerPoint to create images.

I was unaware of apps that can create images for blog as well as Social media posts. According to my research, most bloggers prefer using Canva and Pixabay for images. Canva looks cool to me. If you have not tried yet, do give it a try. It is awesome. Also let me know in the comments section how do you create images for your posts.

4. What to expect when you promote your blog posts on Social media?

Social medias are flooding with blog posts and videos every now and then. So if you want to get noticed in the crowd, you should offer a rich and useful content. As of now I do not have much of social media followers. But I am hoping to reach a lot of audience in the near future. It may take some time and a lot of hard work from my part.

Recently a friend of mine asked me to write an article for their school magazine. I really felt honoured ?. Thanks to Facebook.

5. Continue with blogging?

Breaks help to decide whether or not to continue with blogging. Sometimes people start a blog just out of excitement. After few days, all the excitement will settle down. A blog runs by passion, dedication and hard work.

If you do not have long term plans for our blog, you are not going to stay long in the blogosphere. When you stay away from your blog for a while, you will come to know the level of dedication and responsibility you have towards your blog. I simply realized how I love Snapshot during this break. The fun fact is, now a days everything I see, every person I meet and every activity I do is a blog post idea for me. I try to come up with something new for my blog every time.

So these were a few things my blogging break taught me. What about you? Do you take breaks once in a while? How do you feel when you post nothing on your blog a long time?

Do share your views and knowledge about simple yet important things in blogging.

See you soon ☺?

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