Rare are those teachers who make a special place in the heart of every student they teach. Rare are those teachers who become a ‘go to’ person for everything that a student needs during his/her academic days. Rare are those teachers who connect with their students and inspire them for a life time. Purushothaman sir is one among those rare Gem of Teachers. I am blessed to be his student during my B.com days (2006-2009).

His service in Nehru Arts and Science College, Kanhangad (Kasaragod District in Kerala) is coming to an end this year. He has dedicated 25 years of his life to our college. Rather, I should say, he has contributed values to the lives of thousands of students in these 25 years.

Purushothaman Sir

He taught us Statistics and Accountancy. It seemed like teaching just flowed in his blood. This is the very first reason why we respect him. But, apart from his teaching skills, his ability to connect with students, makes him the most favourite teacher of almost every student in Commerce Department. No one ever remembers what was taught in the text books (unless and until they choose an academic career) once they step out of the college. It is the values that remain forever. He was ‘The’ teacher we approached for all kind of academic problems. Now this doesn’t mean other teachers were not approachable. They were. We loved all of them. But we loved him bit more.

It must be difficult for a person to step out of an Institution after such long years of service. But the best part of being a teacher is, he remains a teacher forever. No one ever calls a teacher, an ex-teacher.

This is a thank you note for a teacher whom I respect from the core of my heart.

“Thank you Purushothaman Sir, for being my teacher” ?

I have made a small effort to bring together few words from some of my classmates. Here is what they have to say to their beloved teacher.

Before I conclude, I would like to add a few more words.

Retirement is just another word for ‘A New Beginning’. It is the time to explore new things. Time to fulfill those dreams which were left behind earlier. Wishing you loads of happiness on this new journey.

By Maya Bhat

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