The Big Switch (Book Review)

Do you work in a corporate sector?

Do you hate your job?

Have you ever thought of switching your career?

Well, you may need time to think over them, right?

But there is someone who would say a big YES to all these questions. He is Keith, Keith Kurien.

Keith is a 24 years old guy working in an IT company. Heย is highly dedicated to his job and is expecting an appraisal. He also has a girlfriend whom he loves so much. But Keith finds it difficult to invest time in his love life due to the busy work schedule. So finally, one day his girl friend Maya steps out of his life leaving him a message that she is done with the relationship.

On the other hand, even after working that hard, Keith did not get the deserved appraisal. He started hating his job. He wanted to quit. But he had a family completely dependent on his income. Keith was getting depressed day by day. One day he finally decided that he would switch his career. But he was not in a position to quit his job as it was his only source of income.

Did Keith quit his job?

Was he able to switch his career?

Who was Keith’s motivator?

What would you do if you were in Keith’s position?

This Book was published on 5th Nov 2017.

My Review

I loved the way in which the character Keith was developed. Keith represents every other individual who is trapped in the charm of corporate jobs. It is not that corporate jobs are bad. But at the end of the day, if you have no time for yourself and your family, what is the point in sticking to such job?

The Author has cleverly penned down the pulse of today’s population. Most of us are exactly like Keith. We grow up in a society that consider certain jobs as status symbols. Breathing out of such stereotype world needs courage.

When your job is the only source of income for your family, any thought of quitting it is a nightmare. Here Keith wishes to have a total career change. Characters like Mathur, Brijesh, Ramesh etc adds perfect blend to Keith’s story. Every character plays an apt role in this book.

The language used is very simple and beautiful. I enjoyed the read very much. I was able to relate with many aspects of the story.

Let me tell you why you should pick this book.

  • It will remind you of your hidden dreams.
  • It will motivate you to work on those dreams.
  • It will change your perspective about career and life.
  • It will show you how real motivation can do magic.

So many good things !!!!

My Rating

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. A book that will inspire you to chase your dreams. If you own a kindle, read it right now.

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Reason for not giving 5 stars : The ending could have been better. But I would still appreciate the Author for presenting certain things in a very realistic manner.

Author: John Thomas


Review by Maya Bhat