How long do you travel to reach your work place every morning? Have you ever observed the world around you during your way to work/college?

Well, here comes a 30 years old single and independent woman who regularly travels for 3 hours to bridge the gap between her work and life. ”The Route’ is all about how keenly she observes the lives of people through the glasses of an AC Bus during her travel. As the bus starts to move, the world seems to her like a motion picture.

Doesn’t it seem interesting?

‘The Route’ is a collection of stories. This book contains the first story from this collection of short stories.

This Book was published on 5th February 2018.

My review

I really liked the idea behind this story.We see many things around us in our daily life. But not all of us take time to observe them. Or we could say we have no time to do so. But once you read this story, you will really feel the need to give a look around instead of peeping into gadgets.

The Author uses a simple language throughout. The narrative is also pretty decent. It is a small story which you can finish reading in a blink of eye. It would not take more than 15 minutes of your time.

Within the limits of a short story, the Author has pointed out many serious aspects of our Society. The story indirectly points out the heights of corruption and their dreadly consequences.The main character of the story sets a good example of being a dutiful citizen of the Nation.

You should give this short story a read whenever you get some free time.

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My Rating

I will give 3.5 out of 5 stars to this story. Looking forward for the other stories in this collection.

Some thoughts to ponder

Thousands of people die of accidents everyday. We read about them and forget. But many of those would have survived if they had the privilege of living a safer life like ours. Have you ever thought of that?

Review by Maya Bhat

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