On the Valentines Day, what could be better than reading a beautiful Love Story? This 30 pages Book will make your day if you are a Book Lover and is still thinking what to read today.

Now coming to the story line;

As the title says, ‘The Bridge’ is a love story that never ended. It is the story of Isha, a simple girl who came to India for her Graduation. She was taken to Melbourne by her parents when she was a kid. But she always wished to live in her home Country. That’s how at the age of 17, she landed in Coimbatore to fulfill her dreams. The rest of the story takes place during all the four years of Isha’s college life in Coimbatore. It is all about how she met her love and how it affected both of their lives.

Since it is a small book, telling you anything more than this would be a spoiler. So I will move on to my view about the Book.

My Review

All those, who have a college time love experience to cherish could easily relate to this story. The Author Chandini has penned down the story in a very realistic way. The amazon blurb says “The Bridge” is one true love story that makes you realise the potentiality of dreams, the purity of love and paucity of humanity. 

All I could say after reading the book is that, it has a huge scope of developing into a novel. It seemed to me like a trailer of an upcoming novel. The Author leaves the reader to think about those bridges we humans have built inside our mind which distinguishes one human being from another.

I did not expect the story to end the way it did. But the title already tells us that the story never ended. So may be the Author has plans to take the story forward one day. Some in depth details about the characters would have helped in the justification of the ending.

I should say that the narrative is so beautiful through out. The Author definitely knows how to play with beautiful words. I enjoyed reading her small piece of work. I assure, you too will enjoy it as it would not eat much of your precious time. It will take you back to those sweet college days. And if you are the one enjoying your Campus life right now, this book will add charm to your day.

My Rating

I will give 3 out of 5 stars to this Book and will look forward for the extension of the story to give it more stars.

I do recommend this book for a quick read on a beautiful evening. Pick the Book from AMAZON

Few words About the Author- Chandini S Amaan

The author is a freshly made graduate from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, fascinated with an unadulterated, countrified, rope – cot styled life. She writes on agriculture and environment in the agri media platform ‘IMoT Agri Forum’ (http://www.imotforum.com/author/chandini/ ) and the e – magazine ‘The Agraria’, run by a bunch of socially conscious youth. Her ink has the essence of social awareness envisioning a better change for a better future.

Some thoughts to ponder

If we look around, we could see many live examples of couples who have overcome the barriers in their love story. But at the same time, there are people who fail to cross those barriers and remain confused on the banks of either sides of the river.

Yet, every day a new love story takes birth somewhere !!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!



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