Let us celebrate Valentines Day !! Check the post for a hidden surprise !!

Hey people,

How you doing?

The week of love is approaching. As a community of bloggers we always care for each other. But not all of us know each other. So why not have some chit-chat on valentines day?

Well, coming to the point. Here is what I am planning to do.

You can ask me something that you want to know from me as a fellow blogger. Post your questions in the comment section below this post. And I will be answering all those questions in my valentines day post. Only one question per person is allowed.

When I post the answers, I will obviously mention your Blog name and that way you may get some clicks, follows, shares etc etc.
And here comes the hidden surprise:

  • Questions that I loved answering will be published in RED.
  • Others will be published in GREEN.
  • And I will choose two best questions- one from RED and the other from GREEN category.
  • Those two bloggers will be featured on my blog the very next week.

This is just for fun purpose and I invite each one of you to participate.

Let us celebrate Valentines day in our own way!!!

Expecting some good questions from Great Bloggers like you.

Post your question in the comment section of this post. Any question that you would like to ask your fellow blogger.

With love

Maya Bhat 🙂

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17 Replies to “Let us celebrate Valentines Day !! Check the post for a hidden surprise !!”

  1. As I was unable to tag you in liebster award so out of 11listed question your question is “Falling in Love “ or Filling with love “ define ? And yeah if possible could you please answer all of them ???

  2. Hi. So my question is you have three roses, Red representing Love, Yellow Representing Friendship and White representing Peace. You have to give these roses to three countries that you feel are apt for it. Which countries would these be & Why? One that represents your love, one that represents friendship and one that represents peace 🙂 Thanks.

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