Snapshot Thoughts Quoted – January 2018

This is a new section being added to Snapshot.

I will be sharing some of the thoughts that went through my mind at different circumstances throughout the month. Usually I post them on my face book page and twitter. Then I thought, why not gather them and post here at the end of every month.

Thoughts of the month

  1. Always enjoy your alone time. Because, that is the only time when you can be your self and develop into even better person.
  2. Every story that starts with “Once up on a time” needs to be interpreted in that context only. Same things are not supposed to happen every time.
  3. When life gifts you time, start running behind your deep burried dreams.
  4. Maturity has nothing to do with age or education. It is something that gradually develops inside a human being.
  5. Try talking with people rather than talking about people. See how your world changes.

Do share your thoughts.

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