Rajeev Saxena’s debut novel ‘Pinto has an Idea’ was an entirely different read for me. I am happy that the first read of this year was really inspiring.

‘Pinto Has An Idea’ is the story of Pinto a.k.a Rajat Srivastava, a Researcher who comes up with new ideas every now and then. Pinto’s ideas are a part of his life. Or I would say, there is no Pinto if there are no ideas!

Pinto, the Person

Pinto was an extremely bright boy right from the beginning. Since his father had a transferable job, he had a late admission to the school. Pinto’s schooling was done in small towns of Uttar Pradesh like Atrauli, Mainpuri and Orai.  When Pinto joined for JEE coaching classes in Kanpur, he started understanding the world better. It was in Kanpur, he met Lavanya.

Pinto, the man of ideas

Pinto was in 4th grade when he made his first attempt in inventing a new language which, only he and his friend could understand. Then at the age of thirteen, he invented the corn-kernel-removal machine. That was Pinto’s first successful idea.

Dr. Rajat (Pinto) Srivastava, aged 34 years was then working in the US. But he decided to relocate to India where he thought he could find more problems to solve. Pinto has an Idea for every problem that comes on the way. His ideas are really interesting and he explains every idea with a reasonable story.

Pinto is a good man who thinks everyone should benefit from his ideas. He wishes to change all the corrupt systems. He wishes to make travel modes safer. He works on the welfare of poor and needy people. Too many things and the one Pinto!

Did I like Pinto?

Pinto, the person – NO !!

Pinto, the man of ideas – YES !!

My Review

The introductory story by the Author was awesome. Rajeev Saxena very well knows how to catch the nerve of the reader.

Pinto’s childhood was the best part in the book. I loved him being a curious kid. Eventually, he becomes a man of too much brains with too many ideas, which an average reader like me finds too difficult to handle. At some point, Pinto seemed to me as an unrealistic character. How can someone be a master of so many ideas? But I really appreciate the Author, who was the actual mastermind behind Pinto.

Lavanya was a genuine character throughout the book. And there was an Imran, a loyal human being who drew my attention. Many social issues discussed at various circumstances also made sense. It leaves the reader thoughtful even after closing the book.

Now let me tell you some Plus and Minus of this book


  • Frequent comparison of India with the US.
  • The last 20% of the book was simply something mugged up to finish the story.
  • Rarely any hurdle comes in the execution of Pinto’s ideas.


  • Pinto makes you think differently over various issues.
  • A good vision of technological possibilities through fiction.
  • Pinto explains his ideas with simple stories which helps a reader stick to the book.

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Before you go, few words about the Author

NOTE: I got this book from Banaja Prakashini for a review

Reviewed by Maya Bhat


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